Blue sapphire -Neelam stone

Blue Sapphire-Neelam

Certified Blue Sapphire Gemstone
Blue Sapphire is a highly precious gemstone, which represents planet Saturn. Blue Sapphire is the strongest and fastest acting gemstone. It is dark blue to light blue in color. It is also called as “Neelam: due to its beautiful blue color. It is bright transparent when polished, often small or larger cloudy piece. Excellent Blue Sapphire is very rare to find. It should be flawless from any defect.

Origin: Blue Sapphire is mostly found in Kashmir, Russia and America. Blue Sapphire of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is considered best till now.
Enhancement: Always avoid treated Blue sapphire. It has been said that the treated stones are very bad for the wearer.
Shape: Oval, cushion, emerald cut and diamond.
Size: 2 carat or more
Avoid: Always avoid stones which are dark blue to blackish in color.
Clarity: It should be flawless from any inclusions. Little silk thread like structures are acceptable. Cloudy and bubbled stones should be avoided. Color should be bright. No cracks should be there.
Colour: Color should be light to medium blue fine color. Cornflower blue is the best clor which should be looked into this stone.

View: Photos of the Ceylonese Untreated Blue Sapphires we have available in our website.

Blue sapphire is a fast-acting gemstone. It can give result within 3 second, within a minute and within 30 days after wearing. It helps one to stay on the spiritual path. It is a stone of wisdom. It focuses and calms the mind. If this stone suits an individual, then gains from all side will come in the life of the wearer.
Blue sapphire gives windfall, enhances the luck. It removes depression, fear and anxiety. If a person has a very well placed Saturn in the birth chart, then Blue Sapphire is the best stone for gains in all the worldly affairs
The benefit provided by this stone is remarkable. It is an excellent stone for Saturn” Shani” graha

Blue Sapphire in career and Profession
It is develops leadership quality in an individual. It is highly beneficial for the people, who are in the field administration. It increases self-confidence and self esteem of the wearer.

Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology
Blue sapphire has a great healing property. It calms the overactive body system. It regulates the endocrine gland. It is highly beneficial for the weak eye sight. It also treats blood related disorders. It strengthens the veins, and improves elasticity of the organs.

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