Boji Stone for Balancing Chakra

Boji Stone for Balancing Chakra

Boji stones are one of the most effective balancings and grounding stone. It is found in a brownish colour to some blue colour. The appearance of this stone is metallic like, smooth or with square protrusions and small to medium in size. True Boji stone can be difficult to obtain. It is found in United States and Britain.

Let us know some remarkable benefits of Boji Stone:

1) It is useful for the people who find it difficult to have more than a toehold in incarnation.

2) It is useful for overcoming blockages of body.

3) Balancing and energizing are the two main work of Boji Stone.

4) It is strongly connected to earth, hence are beneficial to plants and crops, but the stone may well disintegrate if left in the ground or exposed to weather.

5) Psychologically, this stone throws light on blockages at all level of the body. They also reveal negative thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors for transformation.

6) This stone stimulates the flow of energy through the meridian systems of the body.

7) Mentally, this stone brings your attention to mental imprints and hypnotic commands from the past.

8) Boji stone can be emotionally stabilizing but they tend to insists that any necessary work is done first.

9) Healing of back pain, and energy blockages is done by this powerful stone.

10) They are useful when physical energy is low or when the condition is intractable.

11) On a subtle level, they realign the chakras and repair and reenergize “holes” in the auric body.

12) They have high but grounded spiritual vibration so they are extremely useful when taking journeys out of the body as they facilitate traveling and guard the body until the soul returns.

13) These are emotional stabilizers, but they tend to insists that any necessary work is on a priority basis.

14) Boji stone calms the mind, teaches discernment and analysis, stimulates insights, and boosts memory.

15) It alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity as a stabilizing stone.

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