Burmese Ruby Facts

Burmese Ruby Facts

Burmese Ruby Gemstone Facts
• Burmese Ruby stone is the most valuable of the corundum family. The color may vary from pink-red to a vivid pigeon blood recolor.

• The pigeon blood red color will seem like a color of a traffic light i.e. a fluorescent red of high intensity.

• Burma Ruby is the highest demanded gemstone till now.

• Burmese Ruby Gemstone is found in Burma Myanmar. But due to its less availability government has made certain rule for the export of Burmese Ruby.

• Color is the single most factors that determine the value of a Burma ruby. The color of Ruby is more important than the clarity of the Ruby.

• The highly saturated medium dark red tones are best rubies which are too dark or too light worth considerably less.

• The Burmese, African and Thai rubies have the same chemical and physical properties but there is a vast difference in the color and the hue of the gemstone.

• The color of the Burma ruby displays a wide range of red hue.

• Some fine rubies have also come from the Thai and the Mozambique.

• Selling price of the rubies are high but the cost also depends on the cut, color and the clarity of the gemstone.

• Rubies are found in the oval, round and emeralds cuts and this enhances the beauty of the Burmese Ruby.

• Star rubies are cut into the cabochon shape so that it reflects proper light to develop the star effect.

• Heat treatment of corundum is common as it helps in enhancing the gemstone. Color enhancing elements are added to the stone. Techniques vary and it can range from throwing gems into fire to be cooked to employ sophisticated electric or gas furnaces at specific temperature.

• New treatments which are used to produce blue, pink and orange color gemstone is controversial.

• The most famous Ruby stone is the Mogok stone tract of Burma and this has remained in the world’s premier source of gem grade rubies.

• Rubies mined from Mogok have intense beauty to two different optical effects. First quality is the purity and saturation of red color and second is the strong fluorescent reaction to the ultraviolet light.

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