Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

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Cat’s Eye depicts Chatoyancy – an optical phenomenon which is seen in very few gemstones. A stone which shows this property is known as Cat’s eye gemstone or Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye It is also seen in quartz cat’s eye, chrysoberyl cat’s eye and apatite cat’s eye. Buy Cat’s Eye Stone.

Cat’s eye gemstones are used for Astrological and Ornamental purposes. The price of Cat’s eye stone starts at around INR 200 per carat and can go up to 5000/- per carat as per the quality ( color, clarity, cut and shape )

Cat’s Eye Gemstone Facts

The most interesting fact about cat’s eye stone is its name, it is not the name of the stone but name of the ‘effect’, observed in some variety of stones. Cat’s Eye is an optical phenomenon which is seen in Gemstones like quartz, apatite and moonstone.

Cat’s Eye Stone Properties

Under the Chatoyancy effect, there is a single bright band of light across the polished surface of a gemstone. The band is formed at right angles to the parallel inclusions which are dense. The stone is cut as Cabochon so that it can show Cat’s Eye Effect. The base of Cabochon cut stone is kept rough to avoid leakage of light. Any stone which show this phenomenon is called as Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone Quality

Cat’s Eye Stone is also called as ‘Lehsuniya’ in Hindi. It has important astrological significance. In all nine planetary stone, cat’s eye is also one of the Navratan for the shadowy planet Ketu.

Cat’s Eye Stone Price

In Vedic astrology, only Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye and Quartz Cat’s Eye are given importance. Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye is rare and precious gemstone. Therefore, Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye Stone is more expensive than Quartz Cat’s Eye. But Quartz Cat’s Eye is less expensive than

Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye Stone Benefits

Cat’s Eye is a very powerful stone which provides protection to the wearer against sudden mishaps, accidents and losses. It also protects one from the enemies and helps to keep the secrets. Cat’s eye gemstone helps to achieve greater depths and knowledge, peace and spirituality. Best quality stones are mined from Sri-Lanka

How to Buy Natural Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye Stone?

It is essential to get a natural cat’s eye stone because used stones are in circulation. Ensure that you’re not buying a used-gemstone and also try to ensure that variety of cat’s eye stone is chrysoberyl cat’s eye. It is also advised to always buy a natural and real cat’s eye stone from reputed gemstone seller because there are many gemstone dealers selling fake stone in the name of cat’s eye stone. Try to get a certificate of authenticity from a reputed gem lab.

Mantra for wearing Cat’s Eye

“ Om Ketave Namah”

Where to Buy Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

Astrokapoor offer wide variety of natural and unique gemstone which are really tough to find in the market. We have natural cat’s eye stone which is certified from various gem lab. Each stone is 100% natural and directly imported from Sri-Lanka.

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