Can I wear Ruby

Can I wear Ruby

Can I Wear Ruby / Manik Gemstone
Ruby / Manik is a Jyotish gemstone used for attaining glory, power, and success in all spheres of life. Ruby / Manik gemstone gifts one with the kingdom and luxuries life. Ruby or Manik is also called as a gemstone for the planet Sun. Sun is the nurture of power, vitality, and force of life. It is highly used in astrology as a Jyotish stone. In Urdu, Ruby is known as Yaqoot. It is the birthstone for July.
A real ruby gemstone is pigeon blood red to pinkish red in color. Natural Ruby is a precious gemstone which attracts all individual due to its powerful metaphysical properties. It is a form of mineral corundum, pure corundum is colorless but red corundum or Ruby is composed of Corundum and trace amount of Chromium impurities.

Who can wear Ruby?
This red precious fascinated gemstone is highly prized. Therefore, it is not ideal for everyone to wear this gemstone. Astrologically, Ruby is represented by Sun. If Sun placement is in a suitable position in the birth chart, then wearing Ruby can bring fame, good luck, and fortune. You can also use rubies studded in your jewelry but it is advised to wear it in a finger ring, pendant or bead bracelet with metallic gold.

Now let us describe in brief the various facts about Ruby / Manik Gemstone.

A Real Ruby Gemstone Substitute
Ruby / Manik is a precious gemstone so sometimes it is not possible for a common person to buy this costly gemstone. Natural Burmese ruby is highly prized but African Ruby from Mozambique is widely found in the market. If you are not capable of buying this precious tone than other substitute stones are Red Garnet and Red Onyx. Tigers eye is also considered to be a popular substitute of Ruby gemstone.

Ruby /Manik facts
Color – Various red
Transparency – Transparent to Opaque
Luster – Vitreous to silky
Cleavage – None
Hardness – 9 on the Moh’s scale

Treatment Done on Ruby Gemstone
The treatment done on Ruby is just carried to lighten or darken the color, clarity and the light texture of the stone because raw rubies are not suitable to stud in a finger ring. More than 90% of Rubies found in the market are treated for enhancing their quality. However, it is ethical by the gemstone dealer and jewelry to disclose the treatment done on the gemstone.

Lucky Gem Ruby
It is the luckiest gemstone for the person born under number 1, but a detailed analysis is advised with an excellent astrologer. People born on 9th, 19th, and 28th in any month is also governed by this number. The people who have well –placed Sun along with their mentioned birth dates get maximum benefits by wearing this gemstone.

Mantra for Ruby / Manik Gemstone
This precious red color gemstone is worn on the index finger, the finger of the Sun. Before wearing Ruby, proper recitation of the mantra is necessary to attain maximum benefits.
Java Kusum samka-sham Kashya-peyam Maha Dyutim !
Tamo-arim sarva-papaghnam Pranato-smi Divakaram !!

Day for wearing Ruby Gemstone – Sunday
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