Cats eye-Lehsunia Gemstone

Cats eye-Lehsunia Gemstone

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Cat’s eye “lehsunia” gemstone represents planet Ketu. Cat’s eye”lehsunia” gemstone is opaque in appearance. Cat’s eye gemstone is named as it has a very striking similarity with the eyes of the cat. It is also named as lehsunia, vaiduria, cymophen and chrysoberyl. Cat’s eye gemstone can be found in various colors. Honey color, Black and Yellowish green are the most common form. Cat’s eye gemstone is also referred as sutramani for its brightness. Cat’s eye “lehsunia” are most commonly found in Brazil, Burma, China and Srilanka. Cat’s eye “lehsunia” helps to nullify the evil effect of Ketu which is the tail of the dragon. Cat’s eye gemstone support stability enhances courage and brings wisdom.

Ketu is the half body part of demon Rahu that according to Hindu mythology was cut into two parts During the process of churning Kshir sagar this demon Rahu also tried to drink the nectar that came so that he may become immortal. Sun and Moon noticed Rahu sitting in the disguise of God and they informed Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu chopped Rahu head with sudarshan chakra and his half cut body part was named as Ketu…………and from here starts a new chapter in Vedic Astrology also.

According to Vedic astrology cat’s eye “lehsunia” gemstone represents ketu. Ketu is always retrograde in position and gives a sudden and unexpected result.Ketu represents maternal grandfather. Ketu shows the weak significance of intuition. If in very good position in a person’s horoscope it gives very good and unexpected results. Cat’s eye gemstone is hot in a constitution. In many cases ketu sudden result mostly when its dasha or antardasha is operating. Cat’s eye gemstone helps to control sudden mishaps that can damage an individual. It saves from accidents and secret enemies. It also signifies spirit and ghosts.Kaal sarpa dosha caused by Ketu can be nullified by this gemstone. An inauspicious Ketu may cause sudden and wasteful travels and sudden loss in business. Cat’s eye gemstone increases wisdom and intellectual shades in a person. Cat’s eye “lehsunia” gemstone saves a person from accidents, evil spirits and mental imbalance. It also helps to bring material comfort in life. Cat’s eye gemstone helps to give strength and courage to an individual. Cat’s eye is not worn whole life, it is generally worn in its major or sub period of Ketu is operating, Cat’s eye gemstone represents a symbol of courage. Cat’s eye can help to restore lost wealth of a person. This gemstone makes native more spiritually inclined.

Cat’s eye “lehsunia” should only be weared after consulting Vedic Astrologer and one should have a free trial of 3 days before wearing this Gemstone.

Writer| Scholar |Engineer | Poet |Pharmacist | Judge | Doctor’s | Scientist | Film director’s

Apart from the above professions, Cat’s eye gemstone is also very beneficial for a person who is Spiritualist, Philosophers and in the life skill counselling and meditation. Those persons who are involved in cinema, painting, dance, music and astrology can also gain from this gemstone.

Cat’s eye gemstone helps to cure leukaemia, paralysis, Heart disease, Hormonal imbalance, Hunger and ring worn. Cat’s eye gemstone also helps to heal injury due to operation, apoplexy and smallpox. It cures the disease caused by arthritis, knee pain and gout. Cat’s eye can also cure leucoderma and another skin related disease.

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We at Astrokapoor offer natural and certified gemstones of excellent quality. Each gemstone is passed from various tests by the team of our own gemologist and finally certified by government approved laboratories and best quality is picked for our clients. You can directly buy natural Cat’s eye/ Lehsunia gemstones from our online store by sending us your details and requirements. We offer the best competitive rates to our clients. Kindly provide your requirement for filling up the given form.


“Om kem ketvey Namah”

“Om Sram Sreem Sraum Seh Ketvey namah”

Please note that all Gems are already energized (Pran Pratishtha) before sending to our clients by special pundits and purohits having in depth knowledge

Procedure performed by our Purohits for Energizing (Pran Pratishtha) of Gems before sending to our clients.

*An auspicious day and Nakshatra is chosen by client Name, Date of birth and Place by our Purohit.
*A Matt is placed with its face towards East, North or Northeast while performing Pooja.
*A snake idol, brass plate, red or grey cloth, horse gram, sandal, kumkum, curd and bowl of sugar is used for pooja and Prasad.
*Snake idol is placed in front and red or grey cloth is covered on a brass plate.
*The gemstone is washed with holy Gangajal applied Kum Kum.
*An incense stick is lighted in front of the gemstone and mantra is enchanted along with marigold flowers in according to the concerned gemstone.
*After that name of the client, date of birth and place of birth is enchanted by our special pundits and Purohit to energize the gemstone with the concerned person.
*This completes the procedure known as “Pran Pratishtha” of Gemstone. This procedure creates a live energy within the Gemstone.
*The eyes are closed and the mantra is enchanted as per the Gemstones. In Yellow sapphire, it’s enchanted 7000 times.
*Curd is offered as a Prasad and bowl of sugar is donated.
*After the above procedure is completed the Gemstone is ready to be dispatched to you and since it has been energized you can direct wear it.

We provide certified Cats Eye/Lehsunia Gemstone.



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