Characteristics of Moon Born People

Characteristics of Moon Born People

Characteristics of Moon Born People

While the Sun is positive, the Moon is negative and gives a changeable and plastic nature. It rules over the personality. Hence, she is also called a feminine or female planet. She can also be called as Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholic and the Mother of the Heavens. While the Sun pours spirit and life to all the planetary bodies, the Moon governs over the life of the beings on earth.

About Moon Born People

The Moon represents the mother of the native born at night and governs the over conception and the child birth., the embryo, the animal instinct etc. Being the feminine and very swift in motion, she makes the person timid, plastic, unstable, convertible and receptive. She inclines the mind to mediumship and occult, investigation and to the study of mesmerism, clairvoyance, telepathy etc. The Moon presides over the multitude, the masses traveling, female relatives, commerce and business and such professions which deal generally in liquids. She rules over the air, the water and the ether. According to Leo the waxing Moon rules over the arteries, the motor nerves and the muscles, while the waning Moon rules over the veins, sensory nerves, sense organs and the glands.

According to astrology, the Luna rules the Cancer ascendant. The people born under this sign are emotional and very sensitive. They tend to get hurt be small incidence that are unfavorable for their life. They also suffer from diseases such as mental trauma and depression. The lunatic are fond of music. They always prefer to stay aloof from the masses. The Luna governs the cells in the brain, lymph, the fat, the glands and the left eye of the male and the right eye of the female. The Moon shows the waterpower. She has a rule over stoutness, wandering and the forgetfulness. The color is silvery, white and sea green. Moon controls the Varsha-Ritu. The organs of the body ruled by the Luna are the oesphagus, the stomach, the uterus, the ovaries, the lymphatics and the nervous system



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