Child astrology and Vedic astrology prediction

Child Astrology and Vedic Astrology Predictions

Child Astrology
Child is important for starting a family. Bringing new child in this world is a life-changing decision. It is the biggest irreversible decision in the life of the couple. The birth of the new child brings lot of responsibilities. It can be financial, family capacity, and life style changes.
No matter, how varied our Indian culture may be, but the beginning of the new family is the foremost priority for the couples. It is also equally important to all the couple of the world, whether belonging to different religion, community or race.
After marriage, couple wishes early for their first child. Question arises!!! When we will expect good news? But if the unusual delay in conception is observed, then a Vedic astrologer should be consulted in combination to medical treatment.
Difficult or even delay in pregnancy creates havoc in the couple’s life. This stress causes strained relationship between the couples.

Jupiter the significator of Children
Jupiter is the main significator for children. If it is placed in the malefic house or in conjunction with malefic planets, Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Sun, then it may cause unusual delay in pregnancy.

Fifth House in Horoscope
This house in the horoscope shows the prospective of the Child birth. Association of good planets with the fifth house like Jupiter, Venus or Moon supports the healthy development of fetus.

Placement of Moon in the Horoscope
If your Moon is situated in the fifth house and gets good association with favorable planets, you may be blessed with many children. The influence of evil planets like Rahu, Ketu, Sun and Mars can lead to delayed or failed pregnancy.

Note: This is only a general description of Child Astrology. It depends on the placement of different planets in an individual birth chart. All the permutations and combinations should be studied before drawing out any conclusion. So, before you try for the little bundle of joy, turn to Vedic Astrology to know what destiny has in store for your child. Vedic astrology can predict the reasons for delayed pregnancy and the birth time selection for the child.

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