Chrysanthemum Stone and Its Uses

Chrysanthemum Stone and Its Uses

Chrysanthemum Stone
Chrysanthemum is a stone that helps one to drift away slowly from the negative situation facilitating the positive vibes in life. It is usually present in brown shades on its upper surface. Chrysanthemum stone exclude calmness and brings confidence in life. It is available readily and resembles the flower of a chrysanthemum medium stone. The main source of Chrysanthemum is China, Japan, Canada and United States.

Chrysanthemum stone helps one to enjoy being centered in the present moment and encourages one to self bloom. It is a inspirational stone and energizes and brings endeavors to fruition. This teaches one to remain calm and also brings the child hood memories at the base and the ground. This is an unique stone to help to walk on the spiritual path and overcomes ignorance, narrow-mindedness, self-righteousness and jealousy and encourages more love to the world, which in turn brings more love into your life.

Mentally, this stone counteracts superficially and adds depth to thought and guards against distractions. It is useful in adding depth to thoughts and helps them to overcome the habit of negative thinking for prolonged way. Emotionally, it heals the sensitivity and brings stability and trust, eliminating resentment and animosity.

Position of Wearing
Wear or carry it as an elixir. Use it as an elixir, but make by the indirect method of placing stone in a glass bowl within the bowl of water as otherwise the “flower” is affected

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