Combination of Mercury and Venus In Horoscope

Combination of Mercury and Venus In Horoscope is often seen in a horoscope. If a person horoscope’s has combination of Mercury and Venus, then he or she may cultivate a taste for fine arts and he has keen imagination, agreeable temper, refined nature, and attractive and pleasant speech. He or she becomes proficient in literature, music, and poetry, especially when in conjugation, and forms many friendships and gets financial success, generally through his social and intellectual instincts.

If adverse in horoscope – Semi-square and other minor bad aspects are the only adverse aspects to be noted between Mercury and Venus. The native has slight difficulties through female society and suffers losses through expenditure or marriages, ceremonies, and other social functions and engagements.

When good by direction, the native enjoys a period of financial and literary success, and comes into contact with intellectual people whose assistance may better his condition socially and intellectually. He will form new friends.

When bad by direction, he or she could meet with slight mental worries and bad reputation. All papers ought to be signed after careful perusal, lest some trouble may rise up.

If your horoscope is having combination of Mercury and Venus, then you may get these signs but it is not so easy to analyse by itself about its good or bad aspect.

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