Combination of venus and mars in a horoscope

Combination of Venus and Mars In a Horoscope

The fiery nature of Mars will be softened by the passionate and emotional Venus and hence the native may be upright in manner and courteous loving peace and harmony. But when they are afflicted by others, all the good is destroyed and it gives way to excesses of passion and lust, for the satisfaction of which he employs every form of foul means.

If benefic, there is a probability of the amorous nature of the man conquering his will. The native will be very fond of all sports and pleasures and amasses wealth by virtue of his boldness and business abilities and is also able to put up a great show or drive a bargain successfully. He also enjoys a good deal and spends his money freely, but is never in want. He gains popularity either in business circles or in female society in which he may form fortunate attachments. He may be fortunate enough in getting himself married early or obtaining a legacy.

If adverse in position, the native becomes a lavish spender, and is unmindful of losing his estate. The passionate nature will be upper-most, and he may do all undesirable things in life. He may mingle himself with low class females and squander his fortune. While the bad aspects of Saturn or Jupiter to a planet seem to bring events which are absolutely beyond his control and not as the sequel of his actions, this bad aspect of Mars to Venus seems to bring about such events as are absolutely the out-come of his own bad actions and not of those of his previous karma.

When good by position, the native passes through a happy and pleasurable time, and if he is unmarried, he may marry or form lasting attachments.

When bad by position, he may get some trouble in life, which may spoil his or her reputation, bringing slander, disgrace, and domestic unhappiness. If the horoscope shows heavy affliction of these two planets, he is likely to catch some veneral distemper.

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