Complete Guide To Red Coral Gemstone

Complete Guide To Red Coral Gemstone

Complete Guide to Red Coral Gemstone

Red Coral is a natural occurring gemstone and it occurs inside the sea; the gemstone is formed due to the consistent collection of the gathering of the animal skeleton. Due to continuous collection of submarine animals and planets coral reef is formed which look quiet identical to the branches of any plant.

The branches of the coral reef are composed of calcium carbonate. The coral stone colors may vary from pink up to red and mainly being used for jewelry making purpose. The coral stone is acquired in different colors like red, pink, purple, saffron, scarlet and vermilion.

Astrological Aspect of Red Coral Stone

The red coral stone is associated to planet Mars as per Hindu mythology. The mars is the commander in chief and known to posses the ability to derive ample amount of betterment in the lives of its wearer.

The mars signify courage, vigor, zeal, sex and passion in the life of its wearer. It is known that wearing coral stone after seeking permission from an expert astrologer can bring amusing benefit to the wearer.

• Red coral stone is known to remove diseases such as piles, ulcer, and brain-related diseases.
• Red coral gemstone has got the ability to increase the physical strength and aid in empowering the bones.
• The coral stone, the carrier of mars celestial power turns out to be benevolent especially for children’s and kids.
• It can heal or curb snake or Scorpio bite.
• The coral gemstone bestows courage and confidence to a person which helps him/her to face tough time efficiently.
• The white coral or red coral gemstone also enhances the courage and determination of all those people who adopt it.
• The coral gemstones reduces the chances of miscarriage, piles, reduces fever, smallpox.

How to wear coral gemstone or Rituals to wear red coral stone?

• The first step of adopting precious red coral is that it should be bought from a reputed gemstone seller who provides the best quality coral stone.
• After getting a natural red coral gemstone the stone should be either stud in gold or copper ring to attain the powerful benefits of mars exactly.
• Tuesday is the auspicious day for wearing coral gemstone.
• The proposed weight of ring should be no less than 6 carats.
• Before wearing red coral immersed well in co milk or holy Gangajal to remove the negativity from the stone.
• While wearing red coral gemstone face east direction and offer incense and flowers while reciting the mantra for mars “108 times” before wearing this gemstone.

“Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum” or “Om Sri Sarvanabhavaaya Namah”

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