Complete Guide to Ruby Gemstone

Complete Guide to Ruby Gemstone

What is Ruby Gemstone?

Red color Ruby is called as “king of gemstones”, as it has an everlasting color and hardness that is similar to diamond. The ruby gemstone comes under one of the most appealing gemstones and is worn in the form of jewelry item by men and women. Also, it is called as “love stone”, and gives the best effect to the wearer in the form of wedding or engagement rings.

But sometimes people speak, what are the properties of Ruby for which it is famous for? The answer to this question can be found in the metaphysical properties of Ruby stone. The most important feature of Ruby Gemstone is its association with the planet Sun. It is associated to the Sun and fill one life with happiness, success, and glory.

Associated Planet Sun:

The Sun is the lord of all planets. It is the source of light and energy on earth. It is important because, in the absence of it, no life can be sustained on earth. In the evidence of the above lines, we can say that it is the “king” of all planets and signifies life, commitment, confidence, and energy.

Who can wear Ruby Gemstone?

This is the most important question stuck in the mind of people. The answer to this question is that a person whose horoscope had well-placed sun can wear ruby. Except this, if a horoscope has beneficial sun, then the sun-blessed ruby stone proves quite essential for the natives who are born in the month of July or under the zodiac sign Leo. As the ruby gemstone is associated to be the birthstone of July and Leo, wearing priceless ruby stone can endow good and positive results to its wearer. In reality, ruby stone offers properties that enrich the life of a person.

When and how to wear Ruby Gemstone?

Another important question that is being asked by a person is that how to wear ruby or manic gemstones?
Ruby is associated to planet Sun, and Sunday is the day of Sun. Therefore, the natural ruby stone should be worn during Sunday morning in the index finger of the right hand most ideally with gold or diamond rings. The stone should be fixed on the ring in such a way that it touches the skin of the finger.

What should be the ideal weight of Ruby Stone?

There are still lots of confusion regarding the weight of the gemstone. The ideal weight of the ruby should be 3 ratti or carat. But, generally, the weight of ruby stone should be 1 ratti or carat per 10 kg. This means that the weight of an ascendant is 60 kg means he or she needs to wear 6 carat ruby stone.

Price of Ruby Stone:

The price of Ruby stone differs according to the quality and inclusions present on the surface of the stone. The lesser number of inclusions and more clarity will cost a pretty penny to a person. On the other hand, in order to save money, one can wear a ruby stone with few inclusions.

Standard Ruby Stone:

The standard ruby stone has few inclusions that are visible from naked eyes. The price of the standard ruby cost 1000 per carat.

Fine quality ruby stone:

Best and fine quality stone have fewer inclusions and is barely impossible to see with naked eyes. The price of the stone is around 2500+ per carat.

Super Premium Quality Ruby Stone:

This ruby stone is difficult to find and they are called as natural ruby stone. It is impossible to locate any spot or inclusions in this type of stone. The price of super premium ruby stone is 30000+ per carat.
This type of stone is rare to find they are identified as natural ruby stone. Moreover, it is almost impossible to spot or locate inclusions in this type of stone. The price of super premium ruby stone will be 30000+ Per Carat.

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