Crystal and Healing Info

Crystal and Healing Info

Crystals or gemstone carries excellent healing properties. Each crystal has a different metaphysical property which acts according to its chemical composition and the mineral family to which they belong.
Agate – Treats eye infection.
Black Tourmaline – Provides psychic protection and screens from electromagnetic smog.
Malachite – Harmonizes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; grounds the body. Use tumbled stone only.
Fluorite – Breaks up blockages on the etheric body.
Jade – Heals eye condition brings peace.
Amazonite – Balances the metabolism.
Green Jasper – Restores biorhythms and natural sexuality.
Hematite – Strengthens boundaries.
Kunzite – Opens the heart.
Amber – Acts as an antibiotic heals throat problems.
Golden Beryl – A gargle for sore throat.
Bloodstone – Releases constipation and emotional stagnation.
Charoite – An excellent cleanser for the body.
Zircon – Aids psychic vision and dream recall.
Moss Agate – Treats fungal infection.

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