Crystal and Healing

Crystal and Healing

Crystal Layout and Grids
Laying crystals on or around your body quickly absorbs and brings reliefs from disease. You can also grid crystal around your bed or to protect your house. You can also use crystal for stimulating the immune system or to alleviate stress. You can also protect yourself from geopathic stress. How to program crystal healing?
1) Alleviating Stress – Relaxation is the best antidote to stress. Take eight Amethyst points and lay them around your body about a handspan away, point inward. Place one between and slightly below your feet, one above your head, two levels with your neck, and two at your ankles. You can leave them overnight, or position around your bed.

2) Stimulating the Immune System – Crystals can also helps to heal the immune system. Place Pink Smithsonite over your heart. Green Tourmaline over the thymus above the heart, and a Quartz point-up above your head. Place eight Malachites around your body. Leave for fifteen to twenty minutes.

3) Chakra Layout – Place a brown stone between and slightly beneath your feet, a red stone on base chakra, an orange stone below navel, a yellow stone on solar plexus, pink stone on heart, Kunzite on higher heart, blue stone on throat, indigo stone on third eye and purple stone at crown.

4) Gridding The House – Place Black Tourmaline, Selenite, for protection or Sardonyx, guards against crime at each corner of the house, or room.

5) Memory Layout – You will need two citrine or yellow fluorite to strengthen memory. Green Calcite for mental clarity, Azurite for insight. Place yellow crystals either side of your head at ear level. Place Green Calcite on top of your head and Azurite over the third eye.

6) Healing the Heart – Place seven Rose Quartz, one Dioptase, and one Watermelon. Four Amethyst points can be added, point facing outward, to draw off any emotional imbalances that may be blocking the heart.

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