Desirable Characteristics of Emerald

Desirable Characteristics of Emerald

Desirable Characteristic of Emerald
Emerald is the planetary gemstone for Mercury, it is also called as Panna in Hindi. It is believed that Indian civilization fascinated emerald for its best chakra healing properties and for bringing the good effects of Mercury “Budh”, as vedic astrology believed it to be ruled by the planet Mercury. Emerald that are soft green color with little inclusions are best quality gemstones and it is obvious that small amount of inclusions are present inside the gemstone. Let us look in brief the desirable characteristics of emerald-panna.
1) Natural emerald emit a soft glow of light when observe from different angles in different intensity of light.
2) Natural Emerald –Panna should have rich and even dark green color.
3) Natural Emerald should be clear from outside without any cut and any blemishes.
4) Natural Emerald heals the chakra of the body especially the crown chakra.
5) Natural Emerald –Panna should be free from any blemishes internally.
6) Natural Emerald worn after proper astrological consultation gives immense benefit to the wearer.
7) Natural Emerald –Panna is the luckiest gemstone for Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs.
8) Natural Emerald powder was used in the ancient era for curing several nervous disorders.
9) Natural Emerald should be properly cut in shape especially emerald cut is the most fascinating of all.
10) Natural Emerald with a combination of two or more colours should be avoided.
Before buying a natural Colombian or a Zambian emerald, it is necessary that you get a certificate of authenticity from a gemstone seller because there are many seller selling a green stone or a low quality emerald in the name of Panna or Emerald. It is obvious that some inclusions are prove of a natural gemstone but if there are network of fibres present inside the gemstone then it shouldn’t be bought because it is a low quality gemstone. Natural Emerald from Colombia is the most precious of all but now it is very less available so certified natural Zambian Emerald also have same gemological properties as Colombian emerald.

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