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Dhanteras Festival and Its Importance

Dhanteras Festival & Its Importance

On the day of Dhanteras, the lamp is worshipped along with the fragrant flowers and offered to Lord yamraj by enchanting the following mantra:

“Mrityuna Pashhastena Kaalen Bhayarya Sah
Trayodashya Deepdanatsuryajah Preeyataameeti”

The Yamuna is considered the sister of Yamraja, so it significant to bathe in the holy waters of Yamuna on this auspicious day, one should also keep fast the entire day but in case, if it is not possible, a lamp should definitely be offered to Lord Yamraj.

“Kaartiksyasite Pakshe Trayodashya Nishamukhe
Yamdeepa Bahirdadyadapamrityuvirnashyati”

Do’s and Don’ts on Dhanteras
• On this auspicious day, do not make any unnecessary expenditure and buy only the things that you need them.
• Prayers should be offered to Lord Dhanwantari early in the morning. By worshipping him, one is bestowed with good health and wealth.
• On this day, avoid borrowing any money.
• It is auspicious to buy metal utensils on this day, gold and silver ornaments in the afternoon. It is believed that by doing so Goddess lakshmi arrives at home.
• In the evening light diyas in the pooja room to brighten it up with the light.

History behind Dhanteras
According to an ancient tale, one day, Lord Yamaraj asked his assistants if they felt pain while taking the life of a person. The assistants replied that though it is their duty to take lives, they have felt extremely bad while taking life of a prince who died untimely. The prince married just four days before and his family members were in extreme pain. On this day the assistants told that they witness pain and shame on seeing the family of the lost prince. Hearing the tale, Lord Yamraj said that if a person offers lamp to him on the occasion of Dhanteras then his death will not happen untimely.

The Hindus feel obliged to Acharya Dhanwantari for giving them the knowledge of Ayurvedic way of healing. As, Lord Dhawantari is considered as the divine physician, the worship of Lord Bighna Vinashak is done in first hour of the day in order to acquire health and longevity. In the evening, the white owl, the vehicle of the goddesss Lakshmi is done along with the Kubera for wealth and prosperity. One of the reasons for Dhanteras being special is that it includes worshipping Lord Kubera who is the treasurer of wealth and riches. It is considered extremely auspicious to buy silver utensils on this occasion. The rich people buy valuable metals on this day. If not possible to buy silver and gold then utensils made of brass, copper and bell-metal also works best on this day.
On this day, bath should be taken in cold water in the morning. The businessman closes their Account and Ledger book and assembles them in the place of worship and takes food in the evening. After the completion of the Puja ritual, Dhanteras vrata katha is read. Dhanteras is a very auspicious festival that enables one to become wealthy and bestow happiness in their life.

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