Diamond and Vedic Astrology

Diamond and Vedic Astrology

Diamond and Vedic astrology

Gemstones can play a vital role in Vedic astrology because they act as one of the many ways of solutions to the problems. That is why; these are also known as Vedic gemstones. In this article, we are going to discuss how diamond can be a great gemstone for solution to your problems. Diamond and Vedic Astrology.

Diamond and planet Venus

One of the costliest and hardest gemstones is diamond and it is widely and popularly accepted as jewellery in the modern lifestyles. But did you know that Heera or diamond has its origin in India and is a 6000 years old gemstone? The word diamond finds its name from the Greek word ‘adámas,’ which means unbreakable. Diamond is the Vedic gemstone of planet Venus. It can help in a range of benefits, which include-

Improving mental and physical health
Making finances better
Improving marital life

Diamond can be an excellent gemstone for people in certain fields, such as writing, politics, sports, fashion, cosmetics, acting, modeling, jewellery and others. Diamond as a Vedic gemstone can be suggested to people suffering from certain problems such as, improper sexual desire, weak reproductive organs, diabetes, urinary problems and others. If you are wearing diamond as a solution-oriented Vedic gemstone, make sure that you have thoroughly consulted a Vedic astrologer and are wearing it as recommended.

Get your Vedic gemstone recommendation

In the modern times, diamond has come to be known as among the most admired and wanted gemstone; especially for women. There are a range of varieties that are available today. These include Zirconia or American Diamond (popularly called AD) and Opal. These are more like the stones that are not exactly diamond, but appear like it. However, their results or effects may not be same as that of diamond.

When consulting a Vedic astrologer, you must ensure that if you are buying diamonds, they should be under guided references. The fake ones will not give you the desired solutions or may sometimes even have an adverse effect on your health.

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