Diamond “Heera”:- Represents: Venus “Shukra”

Diamond is the most well-known and expensive gemstone among all. This stone signifies the planet Venus, i.e. “Shukra” which is considered as the son of Maharishi Bhrigu. In Hindu Shastra “Shukra” is known as the ‘Master of Demon’, hence also named ‘Datyaguru’.

Career and professions: Show, glamour and entertainment related business such as filmmaking, lyricist, film distribution, acting, music and dance etc., fashion designing, clothes and garments, perfumes, modeling, computers, transportation, automobile engineering, electronics, architecture, hotel and restaurants, milk, sugar and sweets, wheat, rice, sandal (Chandan).

Diseases that get cured wearing this stone: Sex-related problem, improper genital organ, weakness in sex, infertility, reduce amount of sperms, severe eye problems, disc pain, diabetes, urine problem (burning sensation, difficulty in urination), water borne diseases.
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