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Difference between Natural and Fake Coral

Difference Between Natural & Fake Coral

Red coral or White Coral is associated with planet Mars and Venus. The Coral – Red/ White you are wearing may be just a Camel Bone or plastic with no jyotish quality. Recently it has been found across Corals , both white and red but these are not corals at all. We can view these on various websites and some astrology websites and we pay them to unearth this. We should be very careful while buying Red Coral or White Coral because it may be a piece of plastic or a camel bone.

What is a Coral?

Corals are the remains of skeletal of a marine polyp. The polyp with fleshy skin secretes a carbonic substance from which Coral grows and it looks like branches and trees in warm waters of the ocean. It is found at a depth ranging between 10 feet to 500 feet. It has been found that around 95% of the Coral is made of Calcium carbonate and around 3% is made of magnesium carbonate and some traces of iron.

High Demand of Coral leads to Scam

It has been found that unethical elements are buying Camel bone, and making it pure white by bleaching. It is then dyed with Red dye and finally waxes filling and coating producing Red Coral. These are priced between INR 100 per carat to INR 1000 per carat.
Please be aware of the fake Red Coral gemstones. These are not organic red corals that are produced in the sea. These fake Red Coral have no jyotish gemstone value. When we contacted many sellers on the auction website to ask about the organic nature of the Coral and its low price, they were at stake and couldn’t answer any question.

How to differentiate Real Organic Japanese Red Coral from a Fake One!

The answer is in the natural form of the Coral. The ventral and the Top side of the Coral is highly polished and free from any marks. However, the dorsal side or the back side of the Japanese Red Coral has characteristics grain effects – line/ white or brown in color and presence of groove.

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What is a Jyotish Quality Coral?

• Created in the sea by marine polyp.
• Fully natural and organic.
• Free from dyeing and waxing.
• Even color
• Shouldn’t be of Camel Bone.

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