Difference between Real Ruby and Fake Ruby Gemstone

Difference between Real Ruby and Fake Ruby Gemstone

Difference between Real Ruby and Fake Ruby Gemstone
Ruby is a precious gemstone also known as ‘Manik’ in Hindi. It is a mixture of corundum mineral who impart it a beautiful red color. This is the birthstone of the Sun. The stone comes in dark red color and it is a remarkably valuable gemstone. The structure of the ruby stone is very crucial and the dark red ruby gemstone is treated as being the highest quality gemstone. But in recent time, due to artificial gem makers, it is highly susceptible to trust a gem seller.

Therefore, it is essential to know the proper tactics for distinguishing between the synthetic and real stone. So it is essential to keep in mind about the technique which helps to identify between a synthetic ruby stone and a pure ruby stone.


A real gemstone will shine as deep red rays and will spread its lightning aura when it is kept in the sunlight, Whereas, a synthetic ruby will disperse a low number of rays when it is placed in sunlight.

Natural Ruby Gemstone
To find whether ruby is of high quality or not, it should be rubbed against a hard object such as rock or stone. Since ruby is an extremely hard material, and on hardness front next to mineral diamond only. Therefore, spots or cracks may not be found on the stone easily. On the other hand, a fake or artificial ruby stone will easily get scratched when it is grinded against a hard object.

A real ruby stone has immense shades that help it to glow. In the dark room, it can emit rays of red color. This is the ultimate proof which shows that gemstone is real.Another method of finding whether the gemstone is real or not is by putting ruby stone in light hot milk. By this method, the color of the milk appears to be red when observed carefully. Thus it means Ruby is real.

If stone is placed in front of the mirror at morning, and if one finds red beams down of the mirror, especially toward the shadow area of stone, indicates that ruby stone is valuable and of high quality.

The price of the natural and real ruby stone may vary. The best quality ruiby stone may come between INR 2000 to INR 5000 per carat. If you wish to buy ruby stone in a wholesale price you may visit our e – store of astrokapoor. We’re the leaders in the gemstone industry and all our gemstones are available in a wholesale price.

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