Different Names of Pearl

Different Names of Pearl

Pearl is a precious gemstone used in Vedic astrology for giving a good effect of Moon to the wearer. It is white to light yellow in color. Natural Pearl comes from an invertebrate animal which is called as pila( mollusk) found in the ocean and near the seashore. Different names of Pearl Gemstone according to Vedic astrology is numerous but the most commonly it is called as Natural Pearl. The Moon denotes peace and calmness in nature. A natural pearl should have the basic attributes to qualify as a Moon Gemstone. A natural pearl is an excellent gemstone for a person born under the Cancer Moon sign / ascendant.
The most common names of the Natural Pearl Gemstone in sacred texts and in most common use are as follows-
Nacre – Natural Pearl( English )
Margarite ( Latin )
Lulu ( Arabic )
Mukhareed ( Urdu )
The pearl rings and pendants act as a talisman to the wearer and are wildly used since ancient era to protect from the negative energy and black magic. It is also widely used in the treatment of the brain disorders or nervous disorders such as mental tension and depression. We at Astrokapoor are committed to our users and we follow the principle of trust and reliability by selling Natural Pearl Gemstone directly mined.

Natural Pearl of Jyotish Quality
It should have a pleasing round and pearl shape. This makes the Jyotish pearl unique and of high quality.
It should be fully natural determined by proper testing by x-ray and diffraction test.
It should have a shine and lustre. Although Pearl is an opaque gemstone, yet it should have a proper shine and lustre.
It should be smooth and free from any flaws such as cracks and crevices.
It should be white or creamy in color and blemish free with a flawless surface. This makes the Jyotish Gemstone so special.
The pearl with flaws should be avoided according to the ancient texts.
Jyotish Pearl Gemstone gives miraculous and promised a benefit to the wearer. It gives a tremendous good fortune to the wearer. Natural Pearl with a weight of 1 Carat of Jyotish quality gives a brilliant and accurate result.

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