Real Organic Japanese Coral vs Fake Coral

How to Differentiate Real Organic Japanese Red Coral from a Fake Coral

Red Coral is the gemstone which is best for wearing to get good effects of Mars. It is also called as “Laal Moonga” in Hindi.

What is a Coral?

Coral are the remains of marine polyp and the skin of polyps secrete a carbonic substance from which Coral grows like branches. 95% of Coral is made of Calcium Carbonate and around 3% of magnesium carbonate and trace elements of iron.

Heavy Demand of Coral leads to Scam

There were heavy demands of Coral which lead to scam in red coral industry. Recently, it has been found that unethical elements are buying camel bones, bleaching them and making it pure white to pose it as a white coral and then red dye it to sell it as a red coral. Please be aware, these are not Red Corals at all and have no Jyotish value. When we tried to contact them and made an enquiry that why price is so low, there was no satisfactory answer.

How to differentiate Real Organic Japanese Red Coral from a Fake Coral

The answer itself lies in nature. Generally, the top side of the Coral is highly polished and is free from any marks or scratch. The dorsal side of the Japanese Red Coral has the wood grain effect – lines which are white or brown in color, pits and striations.

Buy Red Coral Gemstone Online

Featured here is an Astrokapoor’s natural Japanese Red Coral from our collection of fine natural planetary gemstone. Please note, if the dorsal side of the Coral is free from any marks then be assured that 995 of the time it is not a natural Coral.

Please ensure that while purchasing a Red Coral the certificate should read Natural Organic Red Coral.
What is a Jyotish Quality Coral?

It should have the following features:

  • Fully natural, organic and precious biogenic material.
  • Should have even color.
  • Free from wax and dye.
  • Created in the marine polyp.
  • Should not have any camel bone or plastic.

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