Double Transit in 2017 – Saturn and Jupiter double transit for all ascendants

Double Transit in 2017 – Saturn and Jupiter double transit for all ascendants

Double Transit in 2017 – Saturn and Jupiter double transit for all ascendant

Jupiter has transited to Virgo from August 2016 and Saturn transit in Sagittarius from 26 January 2017, a major and a very crucial planet transition. Virgo has become the most important sign for every person in this year and whichever house is occupied by this sign from your ascendant ( Lagna ) and the Moon will leave a major impact on your life .

Jupiter will occupy the sixth house so Aries people will do well in health care institutes, medical and ayurvedic science. You may pay off your debts in this period. Saturn may bring happiness in the children front of your horoscope.

For Taurus, Jupiter will occupy our fifth house. You’ll be more focused in raising your children if you’re married. You’ll balance your studies and some of you may be inclined towards the higher studies. As these people are business minded and believe in finance, you may be focused more towards speculative games, stock markets and financial gains.

For Gemini, this will occupy your fourth house, so more focus will be towards the home and the environment. You may be worried for your mother health. There will be an enchanting homely atmosphere and the prosperity will flourish towards the home. People in the area of counseling will do well.

For cancer ascendants, this double transit will happen in the third house so focus will be more towards the travelling, writing and communication. You may take a course of writing and communication and you’ll concentrate and whatever you say and deliver in proper manner.

Leo will be determined in accumulating the finance during this transition. You’ll focus on the ways to reap maximum benefits in the finance and bank balance. You’ll be more incline towards the valuable things of life such as education, money and finance.

It will occur in the first house of Virgo. The people born under this sign will concentrate more towards the fitness, education and overall development of the personality. You’ll take great care in improving your appearance and you are going to be disciplined during this period. You’ll give more worth to yourself than you’ve given before.

For Libra, the transition will be in your 12th house and this period will push you to travel abroad. This will be a period of spiritual development and the development of the sub conscious mind. You’ll pay attention to the area of your life that you have neglected so far.

The transition will be in the eleventh house of Scorpios ascendant. This will give authority to the people born under this ascendant. You’ll be more particular in improving your social gathering and your connections with your friends will increase.

For this ascendant, the transition will be in the tenth house and it is showing the promotions and career growth. You’ll be highly respected and recognized for your work, your ideas in the society will help you to shin at your work place.

The transition will happen in the ninth house. This is a good period for your father and he will gain reputation and prosperity in his life. You may meet your spiritual Guru during this period. You may visit a pilgrimage during this period.

You’ll have double transit in your eighth house. This is a time of transformation. You’ll be highly interested towards the occult science and hidden secrets of life. In this period, you’ll discover something new that was hidden for a long period.

For Pisces’s the transition will be in the seventh house, this period is good for increasing happiness and relationship in your martial life. If you’re planning for new business, then this may prove to be the good period. You will gain prosperity and your business will rise. If you’re single, there are chances of mingle.

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