Dream That Indicates Bad Luck

Dream That Indicates Bad Luck

Dreams are not only the sequence of strings, it is the composition of the conscious and the sub-conscious mind. The dreams are the roadmap of fears and anxieties

Many times, we witness certain dreams Some dreams indicates bad luck. By decoding these dreams, we can actually try to get clear answers and can also decrease the negative effect. Some of the common bad dreams and their meaning can be interpreted as follows.

Snakes in Dreams
Seeing the snakes in dream is dangerous. It indicates the trouble in your personal as well as professional life.

Bugs in Dream
If someone dreams about the ants and bees in the dream, then it indicates an unsettling in the life. The more bugs and bees in the dream, it indicates more problems and worries.

Dream of Death
If someone dreams of death of a someone close, then it indicates a bad omen, means that you’ll be facing lifts, and drifts in the personal and the professional life.

Dream of Crying
If someone dreams of crying, then it means that a tough situation will knock the life. Also, if someone else is crying in the dream, means that care has to be taken while handling sensitive issues in your life.

Cat in Dream
Cat is an inauspicious animal according to Hinduism. If one dreams about cat then it signifies betrayal from someone you trust the most.

Dreaming of Bad Weather
If anyone dreams of stuck in the bad weather or a place, it means that the problem is very nearby and you’ll be unable to see people around you and someone will deceive you.

Baby in Dreams
Seeing a baby in your dreams is very bad. It is an indication of death in the family.

Dead person in Dream
If you have seen someone dead in your dream, it shows a deep alarming situation. It clearly indicates that a very bad event is nearby. If dead person is giving you something, then it is considered as monetary benefits.

Wedding in Dream
When you dream about a wedding, it indicates of death in the family. If bride and bridegroom is seen in the dreams, then it means that someone very close will die or will leave your life.

Mouse in Dreams
Mice are not only creepy pests and seeing them in your dream shows a bad omen. If jumping mouse is seen in the dreams then be ready to face troubles.

A sick person in Dream
Dream of a sick person is a bad omen. It shows the troubles in your life. If that person says she is fine, then it signifies bad luck for the person and may lead to the death of the person in the real li

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