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Earthquake Astrology 4 April 2021

Vande Mataram Friends! Today again I come up with the earthquake prediction. I have predicted these predictions previously with 98% date and time accuracy

I don’t want to afraid anyone with these predictions but just want to give a soft warning so you can take all necessary precautions which is the very first reason

Secondly, there’s no accurate science to predict earthquakes and I want to convey a message to the youngsters that this could be the future’s pinpoint method to predict earthquakes through Latitude & Longitude.

So I studied on 4th April and noticed after this period the gravitational force on the planetary movements will be at its peak. I will also show you the analysis process.

As per my analysis, Shani and Guru are sitting on Prithvi Rashi under Makar Rashi. People who are following me knows that on 6 April Morning 12:30 AM Dev Guru Bhrispati will Transit to Kumbh Rashi

See, The Bhrispati and Shani are very big plants, and their movement on any planet or getting transit says a lot as it brings changes in nature and this Yoga is of Angarak Samaya.

Till 13th April Mangal and Rahu are together. At this time, Rahu is in 18th Degree and Shani is in 17th Degree. Whereas, the planet Shani and Guru both are sitting in Prithvi Rashi

Their 5th vision is on Rahu and Mangal and the Angarak Yog is also at Prithvi Rashi

Dev Guru Bhristapi is moving to Mangal’s Dhanishta Nakshatra. Mangal means (LAVA, Bursting, Volcanic Eruption) and Shani brings (Earthquakes) and move tectonic plates

The planet Guru and Shani also took effect from Mangal and Guru has to transit in Shani’s Rashi. Planet Guru is at 29th Ending Degree which is devastating & gravitation force will be at peak

not only on earth but also on other planets too. At this time tornados and other natural calamities start on Guru and Shani and that’s how the predictions are made.

Budh & Shukra both are benefit planets along with Surya in Watery Sign. Chandrama is in Dhanu Rashi (Fire Sign) and Chandrama will move to Makar Rashi on 4th April.

So activation of 5 planets together in Earth Sign along with Chandrama and Transition of Guru under Mangal’s Nakshatra is a very Powerful Combination.

Ketu also is in Chandrama’s Rashi. So these are very simple combinations I’m sharing going to start from 4th April which shows a series of earthquakes.

In some places, earthquake speed could be of 7 reactor scale

I was doing analysis and found these combinations that will impact the north side, Delhi-NCR, Uttarakhand, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, POK-Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh

along with North-East belt along with west India Gujrat, Maharashtra, and in some areas of the south can also feel vibrations.

This all will start from 4th April and after 6th April after Midnight as Guru transit to Kumbh Rashi vibrations can be seen in the entire earth.

Center points? for this, we have to see the activated Rashi’s. Mangal recently transited to Mrigashira Nakshatra and Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra means all Jal Rashi’s are activated

This indicates the earthquake center points could be in areas like Sea, Dams, and Volcanic Eruptions.

So, friends, these are my astrological analysis and I never claim they will go true but my 98% predictions have gone right.



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