Education astrology report for Leo

Education Astrology Report For Leo

The year is a challenging phase for the Leos. January surprises you with the expected results with the Jupiter’ s presence in the 5th house. The significant change can be acknowledged in your memory and concentration power which will motivate you to perform well in studies.

Education Astrology Report for Leo – Keep Tracking your Health

You definitely need to walk an extra mile to excel in competitive exams along with keeping track of your health. Reliance on God and spirituality is good but you can’ just expect to turn things in your favor miraculously. Hard work with proper strategical framework is indicated.

Education Astrology Report for Leo – Take Study Related Decisions after August

As your stamina and concentration will work as 2 pillars for success in the period from June to September. Your courage to initiate and deploy power pack strategies will work wonder. It is advisable to take any decision related to your studies after August as you will be mentally prepared by then for giving your hard work a direction.

Education Astrology Report for Leo – Learn New Languages

This year your mind will be drawn towards learning a new language, which of course, will be a great decision as you are more likely to achieve tremendous success. But still you need to direct all your attention towards boards if you are appearing for the board exams.

Education Astrology Report for Leo – Plan for Abroad Education

April and May are the best months for applying for abroad education and this will be a successful endeavor. After months of continuous hard work, the patience pays off. The rewards of the same can be acknowledged in the month of November.

In short, struggle is indicated in Education Astrology Report for Leo which can be conquered through inclination and hard work.



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