Education and Finance Astrology

Education and Finance Astrology

Education Astrology
Education is associated with the complete development of the human race. In the absence of education, our society and the world will become a complete deserted place to live in. In a horoscope and according to astrological science, the education is ascertained from the 4th house its lord and Vidyakaraka or lord of education for ex. Jupiter and Mercury. Malefic if associated in the 4th house signifies broken education. The combination of the Jupiter and Mercury gives good knowledge to the person and the person becomes a good speaker and lecturer. Mercury in an angle or Venus in the 2nd gives very good knowledge of astrology. The position of Mars in the 2nd and Mercury in an angle make one good mathematician or also give him an engineering skill. The Sun or Mars as lord of the 2nd in conjunction with Venus or Jupiter gives a good proficiency in logic and mental sciences. Jupiter and Venus if aspected in an angle gives good insight into philosophical subjects and makes one versatile.The lord of the 4th and Jupiter if in combination and free from the influence of lords of 3,6 and 11 indicates a sound educational career.

Financial Prospect
For good financial prospect, it is essential to look the 5th, the 2nd, the 9th and the 11th houses. If a benefic is placed in the 2nd particularly Jupiter, and the lord of the 2nd in a trine or quadrant or in conjunction with the beneficial lords or if in 11th gives enormous wealth.
If there is a placement of planet in the 2nd and 11th house badly aspected and the 2nd lord in conjunction with the lords of 3, 6 and 11 or otherwise afflicted produces difficulty in earning money.
Good planets also show legacies, particularly Venus in the 7th house. The financial aspect of each horoscope are also capable of showing an increased by giving a due attention to the sources of gain, as denoted by the conjunctions and aspects of planets in the various houses. Thus, it is obvious that people rise in position and affluence through association with those whose horoscope are in harmony with theirs. Rahu, Ketu or Saturn in the 2nd house shows complications and an involved state of finance, and frequently it shows loss by fraud and imposition, many ups and downs of fortune and unexpected rises and falls.Get your finance report to know detail analysis of your finance.

Finance is the most important part to live good life, to fulfill daily necessities of life. In the absence of finance, all other aspects also get devoid such as education, career, health and other minute necessities of life. Therefore, it is necessary to have a detailed analysis of finance astrology, because careful analysis of profession can help to accumulate wealth that can be useful in the long run in all other aspect of life. If the placement of planets in a horoscope is not in a good position then it can lead to difficulties and delay in the earning capacity of a person.



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