Effect of Ketu

Effects of Ketu Period on Life

Ketu is a fiery planet and it has a similar nature to Mars. Each planet plays a very important role in life during its major and minor period. Let us look at the role of Ketu in your life when its major period is operating in your life.

Ketu in Ketu – Estrangement from relatives is foreseen. Mental worries – Promotion in service, otherwise increase in business – Dysentery, small pox and other skin diseases.

Venus in Ketu – You will enjoy your life with full potential. Marriage is foreseen. Those who are expecting their first child may get the wish to fulfill the same.

Sun in Ketu – Anxiety for wife health may cause worry in your home. Liver complaints can’t be denied. Disfavour and quarrel are also highlighted during this period.

Moon in Ketu – Journeys and financial gains are seen. Quarrels with female and sickness of mother is also indicated.

Mars in Ketu – There can be many enemies and quarrels. Danger of Surgical operation and rupture of boils, carbuncles etc are indicated.

Rahu in Ketu – Decrease in property is foreseen.  Blood may become vitiated. Sickness of female and female children and cholera or nervous disorders can’t be denied.

Jupiter in Ketu – Financial and professional success are foreseen.  There could be a birth of philosophical tendencies and charities. Danger of blood-poisoning and even danger to your children are foreseen.

Saturn in Ketu – There could be a sickness of your wife. There could be a high possibility of unsettled residence and terrible losses in trade. There could be also danger of rheumatism or paralysis or piles.

Mercury in Ketu – There could be disputes with relatives. Mental anxieties may pop up. There might be loss of lands and vocation. If Mercury is strong, a very happy period is indicated.



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