Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut

Emerald is the gemstone for the planet Mercury. Emerald/Panna is the stone of mental power, knowledge and wisdom. A person who wears this green stone is blessed with wisdom, knowledge and happiness in life.
Emerald/Panna is also worn for well placed Mercury/Budh in the horoscope and also for afflicted Mercury in the horoscope. It is one of the most precious gemstone between all the five precious gemstone. Emerald is found in Colombia and Zambia. But before buying this unique gemstone the characteristics and the quality of the gemstone should be taken into consideration. Of several characteristics to be studied, the cut in a gemstone carries a very important place. Emerald cut is the most unique cut for any gemstone.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Meaning
A rectangular cut for a gem having a series of parallel faces on each side and at each corner. The Emerald cut engement ring will project you as a bold person who takes pride in who he or she is. It will make you stylish and elegant. The unique aura of emerald cut ring manages to create a unique aura around the wearer.
Emerald cut is the step cut and the trap cut. These two cut are one of the finest cut of the gemstones. These cuts are named as the classic emerald cut. In this cut, the gemstone has distinct table with rectangular faces on the crown and pavilion running to the girdle. This cut is the most preferred cut for the Emeralds as it allows maximum weight retention for the gems.
The emerald cut is the highly recommended cut for emeralds as the clarity is always compromised in this gem.



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