Emerald Gemstone Information

Emerald Gemstone Information

Emerald is the sacred gemstone related to the planet Mercury. Emerald is composed of mineral compounds of aluminum and silicate. It is not easy to find a flawless emerald gemstone.
Emerald is generally found in Colombia. The finest and best quality emeralds are also found in Zambia, Madgascar, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. In the international market Zambian and Colombian emeralds are considered the best. Emeralds which are from Zambia are typically darker than Colombian emerald.

Meaning of the word Emerald
Emerald is a Sanskrit word “marakata”, or the green growing things. It is the sacred stone of the planet Mercury. It symbolizes hope and wisdom. It brings wisdom to the wearer. The most effective time for wearing emerald is Wednesday, during the morning hour.
Emeralds are very lucky in love. So, if you give emerald as a gift to your lover, it will be very faithful relationships. In cultures, it is said to produce rains and is goof for cultivation.

Benefits of wearing Emerald
Emerald brings good fortune and luck to the wearer.
It brings huge financial gain to the wearer.
Emerald gives health, wealth, happiness and success. Name and fame increases while wearing natural emerald gemstone.
It brings success in education, career and benefit to the children also.

Properties of Emerald
Quality of stone- Untreated, unheated. Natural and Government approved certificate.
Color of the Stone- Natural Green
Shape- Oval and Emerald shapes.
Dimensions of the stone- Varies with size.

When one should Emerald
Emerald is the gemstone for Mercury. It can be used to remove ill effect of Mercury in the birth chart. When Mercury is the natural ruler for 2nd, 1st, 4th or 5th house, then this gemstone is found most suitable for wearing.
Auspicious planet should be always considered while wearing Emerald/Panna Gemstone.

Problems on wearing defective emerald gemstone
We should always prefer the natural, flawless and good colored gemstone for wearing. This rule should be followed for the Emerald gemstone also. If Emerald with red spots are worn, then it can cause family and health issue.

Method of wearing Emerald gemstone
Proper worship should be done before wearing Emerald gemstone. It should be worn favorably in the morning hour. Proper mantra and jaap should be done before wearing this stone.



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