Emerald – Top 12 Benefits

Emerald – Top 12 Benefits

Emerald – Top 12 Benefits
Emerald gemstone is freshly lively color green stone. Its color is fascinating and also one of the three Big Three gemstones in the world of colored gemstone. Emerald gemstone also called as Panna and Zamurud. It is the gemstone for the planet Mercury, used in the planetary gem therapy for harnessing the energies of Mercury residing in emeralds. In Vedic astrology, emerald is highly recommended for using it as a talisman for Mercury. The ring and pendants made of natural emerald gemstone give maximum benefits. It is the birthstone for May. If Mercury is favorably placed in the horoscope, then emerald can be the luckiest gemstone for the person.

Listed below are the top twelve benefits of wearing emerald gemstone
-Wearing an emerald gives knowledge and intellectual growth in the life of the wearer. It is highly useful for removing the malefic effect of the Mercury.

-Wearing an emerald gives a huge edge in the profession of communication. People who are in the teaching and profession of voice are highly benefitted by wearing Panna.

-A person who has well placed Mercury in the horoscope can get immense benefits such as name, fame fortune, and wisdom.

-Emerald / Panna is a gemstone that takes away the emotional toxicity and depression. A person who has afflicted mercury suffers from depression and suicidal tendency. Wearing emerald pendant after proper consultation from an expert astrologer can help to cure these tendencies.

-Natural Emerald has a remarkable healing property and can cure the person suffering from stammering.

-Emerald is a stone of creativity. An individual who wears natural emerald can excel in the profession of creativity such as art, craft, music and other Diy activity.

-Students preparing for competitive examinations can get success by wearing this precious green stone.

-The price of the natural emerald varies. Colombian emerald is too costly in comparison to Zambian emerald. A transparent and a fine cut gemstone fetched more price than the gemstone that is smoky with a lot of inclusion. But a complete transparent is difficult to find now.

-If you are looking for a natural emerald, then before buying get sure to get a certificate from a reputed lab because there are many gemstones and jewelry dealers selling a fake green stone in the name of emerald.

-The price of the emerald is weighed on carat per weight.

-If your child has less concentration in studies, wearing an emerald pendant after proper consultation can help to increase the concentration.

– Emerald is also favorable for the people who are struggling with attaining wealth.

-This is a lucky gem for the profession of medicine, architects, spiritual leader, bankers, and financiers.

-This signifies love and generosity so wearing emerald gives attainment of true love and belonging.

-Emerald / Panna also increase the beauty and charisma of a face.

– If the placement of Mercury is extremely afflicted then avoidance of this gemstone is necessary because it may increase the negative effect of Mercury causing harm to the person. Therefore, before wearing precious gemstone Panna, it is necessary to have a proper consultation with an expert astrologer.

– Before wearing emerald proper recitation of mantra for Budh planet is necessary.



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