Facts about Opal Gemstone

Facts about Opal Gemstone

Facts about Opal Gemstone
Opal is a precious gemstone and is regarded as the gem of love. Opal is worn for enhancing the positive effect of planet Venus, the planet of love. People urge for love and want pleasant relations with their spouse. Opal gemstone has metaphysical properties that radiate positive vibes in the love life. Opal is a delicate stone with fine vibration. The benefits of Opal gemstone are widely accepted. It is also used in making jewelry along with the diamonds and other precious gemstones for enhancing the beauty of jewelry. Boulder Opal is one of the most fascinated gemstones found in Australia. The advantage of wearing opal gemstone is it gives positive effect in the love life and also improves the health, combats diseases that are caused by the weak placement of planet Venus.

Benefits and facts about Opal Gemstone
1) Opal gemstone has the mystical vision and helps in expressing one’s true self.
2) Opal is associated with love and passion and increases the desire for love and eroticism.
3) Opal is white, pink, black, beige, yellow, brown, orange, red and green in color and is clear or milky with iridescent or vitreous and often polished.
4) Opal is easily obtained although gem Opals are expensive.
5) Opal gemstone is found in Australia, Mexico, South America, Britain, Canada and the United States.
6) Opal acts as an emotional stabilizer and balances the emotions if necessary.
7) Opal helps to show you the emotional state and the emotional intelligence during life decision.
8) Opal amplifies the traits and brings characteristics at the level of transformation.
9) Opal strengthens the will to love and removes depression and mental trauma.
10) Wearing Opal brings faithfulness, loyalty, and spontaneity in a relationship.
11) Opal can be used in healing the earth’s energy field.
12) Opal gemstone is a substitute for a diamond because it also stands for the planet, Venus.
13) Young girls who want to prospective match for marriage also wear opal.
14) Opal has immense healing power. It treats Parkinson’s disease, infections, and fevers.
15) Opal heals and regulates the kidney function. This stone is beneficial for eyesight problems.
16) Opal if placed appropriately on the heart and solar plexus heals the chakras of the body.
17) Opal gemstone is sold at price per carat. The price of a natural and a genuine opal gemstone is costly than the fake stones in the market.
18) Opal gemstone comes in various varieties and the most common of them are Blue Opal, Cherry Opal, Hyalite (water opal ), Fire Opal ( Orange – Red ), Chrysopal Opal ( Blue – Green ).
19) The method of wearing opal depends on the ascendants the birth signs of the person.
20) Opal is considered an auspicious stone for Virgo ascendants.
21) Opal gemstone can be bought online in India, USA, and the UK from Astrokapoor. We provide natural and a certified gemstone at a wholesale price.
22) Opal should be worn on the ring finger and the gemstone should be mounted with silver metal.



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