Family Astrology

Family Astrology

How Does Family Astrology Work

Family relationships like each relationship are actually embraced upon what an individual person is like in a family. Family astrology helps to inculcate that how a relationship can mesh together with love and affection. in a family Astrological science depicts that family relationships are portrayed in the birth chart of parent and child.

Astrological chart provides an exact proportion and mirror to look through the world. An Astrological family consultation helps a person to proceed and relate to other people in a natural way. It helps individual members to gain a perspective to better understand their talents, innate problems as well as talents and problems of those who are around them. An astrological chart shows family patterns and trends that passes on from generation to generation. Incompatibility of the temperament of a married couple is also rectified by family astrology.

The fifth house is the most prime house of one’s children and the ruler of the cusps by its position and placement in the chart, as well as any placement therein, indicates how parent/children relationship works. Eleventh house also denotes house of children by it being the fifth house from the seventh of partners and that is to mean the children of the partner. In a child’s chart, it’s mandatory to look at the houses and planets of his/her parents. The parent’s house are the fourth and the tenths. Fourth represents mother and tenth represents the father, but it is also the house of status and career.

Need of Family Astrology Consultations:

Parents (or grandparents) who are committed to finding the best and an excellent way in which they can nurture their child’s potential and capability.

Get your Family Astrology Consultation Report/Consultation

Parents (or grandparents) who want to inculcate best possible relationship among siblings.
Parents (or grandparents) who desire to find and motivate a “problem child.”
Couples who are concerned about the children in the matter of divorce.
Adult children who want to understand and absorb them and agree with the terms and family dynamics they were brought up with adults that want to know how to best care for elderly parents.
To inculcate best relationship among the siblings and to solve the hurdles.

How to Proceed for Family Astrology:

Providing astrological consultation as a yearly package for parents and children covering all Health, wealth, career, education, guidance on various aspects, finance, foreign travels, business, love and marriages, obstacles, investments, house constructions etc including the astrological solutions/remedies if any problem arises.



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