Feng Shui Tips To Attract Love In 2018

Feng Shui Tips To Attract Love In 2018

Feng Shui To Attract Love In Your Life in 2018
There are various tips that can be implemented for attracting love in your life. Some of the most important Feng-Shui Tips For Love are as follows:

1. Keep your bedroom clean
If you will keep untidy bedroom, the flow of energy will be weak and slow. Therefore, you need to keep everything in order, for free flow of energy to circulate, so that it can bring all the positive things in your love life.

2. Keep some space in bedroom
If you want your current relationship to get more serious and culminate in relationship, make room for another person in your bedroom. Take a look inside your wardrobe and closet and drawers, especially in the bedroom, and if they are stacked with various things, make a goal to empty some space.

3. Keep mandarin ducks
If you want love to power your life, a beautiful marriage, and then keep these ducks in the south-west side of your bedroom.

4. Throw objects of your past relationships
Remove all the past life and memories from your bedroom. Don’t keep the objects that belong to your ex-lover. Try to remove any letters or other physical objects that remind you of an ended relationship.

5. Open up to love
Make sure that the main door of your bedroom is easily opened and fully too, without any creaking or getting blocked anywhere. This way, it will allow the energy to flow and to intensify your love life.

6.free path for Chi Energy
Imagine you’re a river. Walk slowly from your house to your bedroom. Track the route which you’ll pass by and observe the route and any object or piece of furniture that might hinder the free flow of Chi energy and remove them.

7. Move your bed
If you bed is touching the wall, then the person who is sleeping facing the wall could feel deprived of freedom, restricted or stuck in the relationship. If possible, move your bed so that both the sides are at an equal level to the wall. The best position of the bed is on the opposite side of the door, but not in straight line with it.

8. Don’t exercise in the bedroom
Don’t do any physical exercise in the bedroom and don’t keep your sports equipment in the bedroom. The effort which you’ll put while exercising will be turned to your love life. And, certainly, you’ll not like your relationship to be born out of the sustained effort.

9. Keep your intentions clear and clean
Make a pic album or a collage that represents your idea of romance. Place it, from where you can view it on daily basis. If you are already in a relationship, try to make a collage with the help of your loved one.

10. Spray rose mist
Every night before sleeping spray rose mist in your room. This will help to bring new love vibes in your existing relationship.




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