Feng Shui Tips for Students

Feng Shui Tips for Students

Students need full concentration while studying. When you are setting up the study area for the child, you may use some very useful Feng Shui tips to enhance the study environment of the child. According to the Feng Shui principles, the education and knowledge area is located in the northeast area, ruled by the earth element.

1. Do not keep your back towards the door while studying. If impossible to avoid, then place a mirror on your desk, so that you can see the door.
2. Keep your study area clean and clutter-free. It should be neat and clean.
3. Never keep your desk below the beam, if not unavoidable then hang a wind chime form the beam to remove the negative energy.
4. There should be a solid wall behind you as you sit in the chair.
5. Try to energize the north-east corner of the study room. Keep crystals, pottery objects, stones and other symbolic earth objects in the area.
6. Place earthy candles of red, orange, or one that energizes the earth element.
7. Lilting candles also increase the positive energy in the environment.
8. As fire produces earth, the red and orange colour in the decorative items as pillow, rugs, curtains helps to energize the area.
9. Hanging a crystal in the north-east corner further energizes the earth element of the study area.
10. Good lighting in the study is essential but always try to avoid spotlighting. The energy emitted from these is too yang and can cause mental strain and exhaustion.
11. By placing a statue of Buddha on the desk can increase the knowledge and the wisdom.
12. In case there is a window behind you, then keep the curtains and the blinds closed.
13. Burn essence in the northeast corner. It is an excellent way to ignite education chi. Incense which ignites both the fire and the earth element is recommended, especially if the incense is decorated with a dragon motif.



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