Feroza stone healing properties

Feroza Stone Healing Properties

Feroaza stone belongs to the planet Jupiter or Brisphati. It represents the planet Jupiter. This is light blue to greenish blue in color and brings wisdom and prominence. It helps the wearer to fight from the alarming situations of life and brings them to the glory of win and fortune.

Turquoise gemstone benefits
Turquoise / Feroza gemstone gives benefit to the wearer in several ways. It helps one to achieve the desired goals of life due to its immense powers and properties. It has various benefits that can be jotted down in the points below.
• It mostly benefits the people who are in the field of education such as writers, teachers, researchers, students and professionals.
• Turquoise stone increases the intuition and mental insight of its wearer. Since ancient ages, the amulets and pendants of turquoise help to liberate people from the inhibitions lying under the deep soul.
• Feroza gemstone benefits the wearer by awakening the awareness and removes any unwanted and blocked circumstances. It is very useful to bring peace and happiness. It saves one from the disloyalty.
• It has an immense healing property and helps to heal various diseases like asthma, depression, blood pressure, diabetes, radiation and poisoning. It awakens the solar chakra and helps the body in the healing process.

Turquoise gemstone benefits its wearer in several ways. It helps to attain the desired goals with its immense powers and properties.

Turquoise stone price
Turquoise is a semiprecious gemstone. Along with its benefits and remarkable healing properties, the cost of the feroza stone ranges from 200 to 1000 per carat and even the best piece is cost to 500 to 3000 per carat. The price of the feroza depends on the cut, clarity and various treatments. If you want to avail the best benefit of feroza than you should opt for the stone starting from 300 per carat. You can buy Irani Feroza stone at a price of 300 to 800 carat. But before buying turquoise, you should ask for a certificate of authenticity from a reputed gemstone lab such as IGI or GIA.
Wearing Feroza in a pendant and as amulets give all-round benefit. It was widely used in ancient time for making jewelry and other decorative items of use. Feroza changes the color and cracks down if the wearer is in danger and save the one from any mishaps.

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