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Find Your Soulmate By Vedic Astrology

Soulmate means ‘your other half’, or ‘missing part of your body’, or ‘missing piece of your life’. This is exactly Plato’s theory that there is always a perfect half that we miss who is like a piece of puzzle and fits once we find them. In the eastern countries, this word is hardly used and is perhaps seen as a bit impossible. Vedic tradition has benefitted from end numbers of spiritual insight. In the Vedic tradition, the person with whom we have a karmic attachment – a debt is considered in a sense of our soulmate. The question is matching with our potential life partners. How we find someone with whom we can spend our life happily and have enough connection for marriage. How do we find someone, with whom we can evolve, rather than create debts to be paid in future?  Is it possible to find the Platonic ideal perfect half with whom we have our karmic sweets… and eat it too? Soulmate by vedic astrology analysis can help find your partner.

Yes, it is possible through the study of Vedic astrological science. Astrology is a science which helps to find out the connection with your life partner or with would be a life partner. There are twelve houses in a horoscope, and each house denotes various part of our life. The tenth house in our horoscope signifies our past life and the Karma attached to it. Our past life can be analysed well by the tenth house. Soulmate by Vedic astrology can help you to get love of your life.

The fifth house and the seventh house have its own role to play. Fifth house represents family and children and the love between two people. An afflicted fifth house denotes lack of love and bonding between the partners. It also shows the past life debt with your partner.

The seventh house is a Kendra, but  is also markesh, see the irony of astrological science. It denotes a marriage but it also destroys happiness. How mean the role of the seventh house is? You must think so. As usual, we have to reap the things which we have sown, so whatever be the planets in the seventh house and the signs in the seventh house, we have to pass through the situation given by this house in our marital life. This house is very crucial for analyzing your soulmate connection.

Now, your ascendant and lagna lord is very crucial for determining the love between you and your soulmate.  This should be placed in a good position in a horoscope. It shouldn’t be in company of any bad or afflicted planet. The degree of lagna lord should be fair enough for cultivating happiness in love and married life.

If you’re a Taurus ascendant and Jupiter is placed in your ascendant, then it is possible that it will play a very major role in destroying your love life. By being a lord of your eighth house too, which is the house of death, Jupiter casts its malefic effect. Apart from Jupiter, if the position of Venus is compromising, a dearth of love will destroy your life. Venus and Jupiter, these are the two main planets for bringing happiness and love in the marital life.

If you’re suffering from any marital happiness, then please get a thorough analysis of your horoscope and get proper remedies for long-lasting happiness.

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