Fluorite Gemstone
Fluorite is a semiprecious gemstone. It is a highly protective gemstone. It is the mineral form of calcium fluoride and it belongs to halide mineral. Fluorite is a colorful mineral, both in visible and ultraviolet light. It is present in wide range of color, which includes yellow, green, pink and blue. In 18th century, it was used to cure kidney disease.

Fluorite gemstone removes negative vibration from your life. This stone cleanses and balances the aura. It is extremely effective against ultraviolet and electromagnetic stress. If placed appropriately, it blocks geopathic stress. It is sued in healing as it removes negative energies. This is the best crystal to use to overcome any form of broken organization. Fluorite gemstone is also called as “genius stone”.

Fluorite Gemstone Properties
Color-Clear, Blue, Green, Purple
Appearance-Transparent, cubic, or octahedral crystals. Present in all size.
Source-United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, Norway

Fluorite Gemstone Benefits
This stone grounds and integrates spiritual energies. It gives unbiased impartiality and heightens intuitive power. It brings stability to groups, and connects them into a common purpose.

It is associated with progress on higher levels, and improves structure into daily life. Psychologically, it dissolves fixed patterns of behavior and gently opens door to the subconscious, and brings suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution.

Fluorite improves physical and mental coordination and counteracts mental disorders. It helps to move beyond narrow mindedness to the bigger picture. It is an excellent learning aid-it organizes and processes information, linking what is already known. It helps you to absorb new information and promotes quick thinking. Emotionally, it has a stabilizing effect. In relationships, it teaches the importance of balance and good relationship.

Healing properties of Fluorite
It is a powerful healing tool, dealing with infections and disorders. It helps to cure tooth disease and bones. It helps to repair DNA. It regenerates the skin and mucus membrane, especially respiratory tract, and heals ulcers and wounds. It provides pain relief and rekindles sexual libido.

Position- Use it as an earlobe and place in your environment. Position it as appropriate for healing. Place it on computer or between yourself.

Green Fluorite gemstone
It grounds excess energy, and removes mental trauma. It is particularly effective for absorbing negative energies within environment. It brings information up from the subconscious mind. It is an effective auric, chakra, and mental cleanser. It helps to remove stomach disorder and cramps in the intestine.

Blue Fluorite gemstone
It enhances creativity, orderly thought and clear communication. It is a dual action stone. It calms and revitalizes. It is very effective for eye, nose, ear, and throat problems. It amplifies healing process.

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