Foundation of Khalistan has Been Laid

The incident on 26th January 2021 indicates a message for India and the entire world that Khalistani had successfully laid its foundation in India. As witnessed by the entire nation that there was the loss of life and public property.

This was already predicted by astrologer Mr. Prashant Kapoor and now he is again repeating the 26th January vandalism was just a trailer of what Khalistan has planned for the future.

In his earlier videos, Mr. Kapoor had already briefed that due to certain Astrological conditions a bad phase has started for India from 27th January 2021 and will continue till 13th April 2021.

Through his video, he has expressed that the main purpose of uploading videos on Khalistan is not to spread negativity or sacred people. He wanted to bring awareness as well as convey the message to the Indian government to adopt some hard hand measures against this movement.

He is pointing out the fact that though reporters and the government have their own explanations of this incident, his Astrological studies say that the Farmers’ Movement was already over by 10th December 2020.

The movement on Khalistani is being voiced and supported by our external enemies. He is again asking the government to take hard hand actions against these miscreants, as the intensity of the movement has already expanded.

His Astrological analysis also suggested that if the government fails to handle the situation there may be more internal fights and heavy losses in India. In the end, Mr. Kapoor wants to convey a message to his viewers that he is an Indian first, an incident that damages his nation’s image is equally upsetting for him.



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One thought on “Foundation of Khalistan has Been Laid”

raj K singh 10/02/2021 at 4:08 PM

What is Khalistan? can you define n your next video Using these kind of statements can cause hatred between two communities and people like you are the main cause/ I think khalsta mean is pure hearted. These Sikhs always sacrificed for India but we Hindus always labelling them anti India. We need to live in peace and harmoney rather then creating hatred Miscreants can be Hindu Muslim or Sikhs Don’t label any community with any title.past history of india says due to joytish nd pandits india became slave as they were more dependent on joytish rather then self protection


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