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Four Mukhi Rudraksha

Four Mukhi Rudraksha


Four Mukhi (Chatur mukhi) represents the deity Brahma and Sarswati. A Four Mukhi has four lines on its surface and it represents the Lord Brahma. It is also known as Brahma / Rupam and chaturanan due to its four face. Brishpati energy helps the wearer to gain knowledge /wisdom. It helps to enlighten the four levels of a inner soul that is jagrit or waking state/swapna or dream state/sushupti or deep sleep state and turiya or super conscious state.

In mythology Four Mukhi Rudraksh denotes Goddess sarswati and Lord Brahma. “Cahturvarkrat Sawayan Brahma Narhatya vyahopohati” means it itself is Brahma who removes human slaughter.

Four Mukhi Rudraksh of Nepal is very powerful and has a very high healing energy to heal a person. This Rudraksh has a very good influence for the people who are in the profession of medicals science/scientist/executives and people who are from engineering /electronics and computer science. It is said that a person who wears Four Mukhi Rudraksh is dwij born (twice) means his or her personality is totally transformed into new one and assumes better role in life. A person who wears a Four Mukhi Rudraksh has shining eyes and enjoys a balanced mind.

Astrologically this Rudraksha pacify malefic effect of Mercury in a person horoscope.


It helps to improve physical and mental health.

As per Vedic text a person suffering from stammering can be cured by wearing Four Mukhi Rudraksh.

Oration and writing skill is increased by the blessing of Goddess Saraswati.

It helps to enhance concentration/memory and creativity.

Students of competitive exams can get success by wearing it.

It helps to remove blockage from Vishuddhi Chakra.

Health benefit- It cures problems of respiratory tract and removes symptoms related to asthma. It helps to cure disease of nose/paralytic and gall stones.


Ruling Lord-Brahma.
Ruling Planet-Jupiter and Mercury

We at looks for the need of our clients and we energized each Rudraksha before dispatching to our clients Pran Pratishtha is done by our special pundits.

An auspicious day and Nakshatra is chosen and client’s name, date of birth and place of birth is taken into consideration.

Mind is cleared from worldly affairs and negative thoughts to achieve positive and spiritual frame of mind.

East, North or North east direction is chosen for the matt in which pooja is performed.

Rudraksha is washed with unboiled milk and sandal wood paste is applied.

It is kept in front of Lord Shiva idol in special ASANA.

An incense stick is lit in front of Rudraksha and flowers/fruits and sweets along with panchamrut is offered *PANCHAMRUT special Prasad made of Holy water/ milk/ghee /honey and curd.*

Energizing is done by our special pundits by enchanting Name of Client/Place of Birth and Date of birth and request is made to Lord Shiva to grant happiness for our client and to fulfill all his wishes.

The eyes are closed and Rudraksha and beej mantra for Rudraksha is enchanted for 108 times by our special pundits.

This procedure completes the “Pran pratishtha” of the holy rudraksha beads

After the above process Rudraksha is completely energized and can be worn directly by our client.

Rudraksha Therapy

“Om Hreem Namah/Om Hreem Namah” (It should be enchanted 9 times before wearing)

We provide certified FOUR MUKHI Rudraksha.

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