Gayatri Mantra Benefits

Gayatri Mantra Benefits

Benefits of Gayatri Mantra
Gayatri mantra is originally written in Vedas. It is the most sacred mantra used to connect with the higher level of spiritualism. It is made of 24 syllables, that affect both psychological and physical well- being of a person. There are miraculous benefits of enchanting gayatri mantra. Let is look in brief the benefits of enchanting the same-

1) Gayatri mantra calms the mind and makes a person full of self esteem and confidence.

2) While enchanting Gayatri mantra, the pressure on a tongue, lips, palate and back to the throat help in the release of the relaxing hormones. It brings resonance in and around your head. The vibrations created by the Gayatri mantra creates a stimulation in the hypothalamus. Experts say that enchanting of this mantra helps in the release of the happy hormones.

3) It also stimulates the chakras and extrasensory energy sensors.

4) Gayatri mantra stimulates the concentration and the learning. This is because the resultant vibrations stimulate the three chakras of the body. These three chakras are very helpful in the improvement of concentration, memory as they are directly related to the brain and the pineal gland.

5) The enchanting of Gayatri mantra stimulates and improves the breathing. The deep controlled breathes during the recitation of the mantras helps in controlled breathing.

6) The controlled breathing helps to keep the heart healthy with improved circulation.

7) Gayatri Mantra helps beat damaged caused due to stress. It helps the body to build a stronger immune system. Gayatri mantra reverses the damage done by the continuous stress.

8) Gayatri mantra strengthens the mind and stimulates the brain. This mantra also gives relief to the person who is suffering from the damaged vagus nerve.

9) Recitation of the Gayatri mantra stimulates the vital point of the face and helps increase the circulation of the body. This helps to impart a facial glow.

10) Helps relieves the symptoms of asthma. While enchanting the mantra, the deep breathing helps to hold breath, this strengthens the lungs and can help as an effective remedy for asthma.



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