Gemini characteristics

Gemini Characeristics – Traits

Gemini sign is dual, inconsistent and soft in nature. Gemini people are complex in nature. But they are charming and have a rich sense of humor. They carry high spirit and are highly entertaining. They are creative and capable of creating magnificent and attractive art and creativity. They are curious by nature; they are quick learners and have strong intellect. Although they are intelligent, their indecisive tendency makes them failure to take accurate decision in life. Gemini people can impress other with great communication skills. They are efficient in multitasking; they are very quick and can work very fast in any projects.
Gemini’s are kind and generous in nature and have an innovative approach towards life. Gemini has a friendly attitude towards everyone in life. But sometimes they can turn selfish, and gives priority to their own amusements. If possible get your astrological consultancy report

Gemini Birthstone – People born under this sign can wear Emerald. Emerald is a precious stone which is soft green in color. Emerald removes rheumatism and diabetes. It is good for the eyesight. It brings inner peace and calms the mind. Emerald gemstone can be a women’s companionship in child birth.

Gemini Male Characteristics
Gemini male is very lively and charming. He or she often looks younger than the other person of the same age group. Gemini male is intelligent, compassionate and loves to communicate. They are lovable towards animals and birds. A Gemini male is not an egoistic. They are kind and very gentle in nature. He is not jealous and always like to move forward.

Gemini Female Characteristics
A women belonging to this sign is talkative. Gemini women are witty, charming and friendly by nature. She is very optimistic regarding ups and downs of life. She has many friends and behaves differently with each other. A Gemini woman is not possessive. Gemini women become more mature and approachable as she progresses further in life.

Gemini Strength
They can become friend easily. Gemini help people. They are kind towards other people. Gemini people are also honest towards relationship. They accept changes gracefully. They dislike staying in one particular situation.

Gemini Weakness
Gemini people are confused in life. They are not so punctual in life. Gemini people can be quite restless at sometime. Gemini are commitment phobic and tend to run away from serious situations.



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