Gemstone of Lord Shani

Gemstone of Lord Shani

What you need to know about The Gemstone of Lord Shani?

Blue sapphire is also called Neelam and is mostly transparent in appearance. This Vedic gemstone is found in several countries, but is mined from certain specific nations, such as Sri Lanka and Australia. In India, Neelam is mined only from Kashmir and certain locations in South. However, the one originating from Kashmir is the best.

There are a range of sub classifications for Neelam, which is considered as the primary gemstone for Lord Shani. These include Indraneelam and Jalneelam. The former one is lustrous sapphire which appears to be dark blue in color, just like the neck of a peacock. The latter one is most easily available and common variant and has less intensity of blue.

Neelam Grading

Characteristics of this gemstone are important for grading. The one suggested by your Vedic astrologer should have blue shine, high clarity and uniform composition.

One should not buy this Vedic gemstone if there is a doubt in appearance. Do not blue cracked neelam. There should be no grey signs, dark marks or holes and defects of any kinds since this can lead to negative impact on the one wearing it.

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What are Upratnas of Shani Deva?

Not everyone can afford expensive Vedic gemstones and hence, some of the considerate Vedic astrologers came up with upratnas or semi-precious gemstones. These gemstones, after consultation, can be used for same purposes. Some of these include-

  • Neeli
  • Feroza or turquoise
  • Lajaward
  • Neelotpal

A lot of Vedic astrologers suggest an individual to wear Lajaward or Neeli before adorning Neelam.

Importance of Neelam to nullify effects of Shani

There are other malefic planets in Vedic astrology, but by and large, Shani mahadasha is considered as one of the most dangerous. Shani or Saturn is one of the most powerful planets because in Hindu concepts, it is considered as the son of Sun or Suryaputra. One can nullify the effects originating from unfavourable Shani in birth chart by wearing blue sapphire after consultation. It is important to chant the Shani mantra Om Shan Sahnishcharaya Namah’ before wearing this Vedic gemstone.

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