Gemstones and their effects

Gemstones and Their Benefits

Astrological Stones

Gemstones Astrology, Astrological Effects Of Gemstones, Astrology Stones, these topics are interesting. What is gemstone astrology rather? How astrological effects of gemstone casts shadow on our life? We know that since ancient time gemstone has fascinated human being for their beauty and miraculous power. Many benefits of gemstone include love, wealth, protection and emotional stability. Astrological effects of gemstones are numerous. Gemstones astrology helps a user to buy gemstones according to his choice and taste.

Some of the most famous gemstones include Rubies, Sapphires and Emerald.

Gemstones Astrology Benefits

Gemstones are believed to have an aura of divinity they form in nature which ranges from thousands to millions of years ago because of their positive effects on human beings. The gemstones are not new to this world but they are fascinated and loved by the people for millions of years ago. They are worn as protective amulets or as an instrument of fortune by the people and have left remarkable advantages and benefits. Here we have described some of the most common gemstone and their benefits. Gemstones astrology have been practiced since ancient time. Astrological effects of gemstones are numerous.

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Advantages of Ruby Gemstone
Ruby is one of the most fascinated gemstones and is admired and sought after gemstone because of its color and quality. Ruby gemstone symbolizes royalty and power and it is the gem of courage and power. It is believed that a high quality Ruby protects one from enemies and gives success and material gains.

Advantages of Pearl Gemstone
Pearl gemstone is ruled by the planet Moon which is the main controller of the mind and our emotions. Moon also stands for peace, allure, beauty and charm. It blesses its wearer with a charming visage and is a symbol of fertility too.

Advantages of the Red Coral Gemstone
The Red Coral gemstone has association with planet Mars, the planet of fire and energy. Courage, vigor, power and strength rules it. Wearing red coral gemstone helps one to attain health, vitality and strong immune system.

Advantages of the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone
This is the gemstone representing the planet of growth and expansion probably Jupiter. This is a lucky stone which blesses one with wealth and health.

Why Gemstones are important in Astrology

Advantages of Diamond Gemstone
Venus rules it, the planet of beauty and love, above all the planet of luxuries. This blesses the wearer with supreme protection. Good Diamond helps to get the exact rays of Venus. These gemstones have strong protective powers.

Advantages of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Saturn rules it. Above all, it has a beautiful blue color and has the mystical property of Saturn. This gemstone can make one from rag to riches and from riches to rags due to judgemental planet Saturn.

Advantages of Hessonite Gemstone
This gemstone comes from garnet family and consequently possesses the powers of the shadowy planet Rahu. This is the planet of deception and intrigue because ruled by shadowy planet. Hessonite is also called as Gomedh and protects one from the supernatural power and evil eyes above all ruled by Rahu.

Advantages of the Cat’s Eye Gemstone
This has an association with shadowy planet Ketu. Consequently, this is the best gem for the traveler, adventurer and the conquerer. It has the mystical power and makes an individual turn inwards and blesses its wearer with protection and spirituality because of mystic nature of Ketu.

Advantages of Blood Stone
This is the stone that is very good for maintaining the normal and appropriate blood pressure because it acts upon the blood circulatory system of our body.  It helps to cure blood related diseases and low blood pressure.

Advantages of Jade Stone
This gemstone is the harbinger of good luck and protects the heart health and finally, it brings mental peace.

Advantages of Turquoise
This is a highly lucky gemstone because it represents the planet Jupiter and is one of the most sought gemstone after yellow sapphire.

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