Gemstones and Their Effect

Gemstones and Their Effect

Ruby – The ruby- clear red fires up the heart with sparkles. The emotion known as love is lifted with selflessness towards the light of universal love, to compassion for all life. The ruby gemstone sparkles the light in the heart and illuminates the whole being as in the illumination. It symbolizes the heart of spiritual love and devotion through the forces of purification and transfiguration. The ruby gives the positive life quotes. It activates and vitalizes the whole body through the circulation of the bloodstream. It is a healing gemstone and stimulates vibration.

The deep garnet is associated with the kundalini-fire of transformation, which is integrating fire that assists the kundalini up the spinal column. It is a stone of passion that sometimes needs to be transformed into the power of purity. It is with the purity of heart that we are able to see God. The red garnet helps to energize and bring the circulation level to the normal if it is deficient. This stone also works with the generative system and stimulate the sexual drive. The pink violet shades work on the regeneration and the transformation.

The coral is a gift from our mother ocean to remind us of our eternal foundation. It is actually composed of the skeletons of little animals into reef-plant like with hard branches. Coral reminds us of our bones. It is one of the five sacred stones of the Tibetans and the American Indians. Coral symbolizes life force energy and used as a protection against the evil eye.

Red Jasper
The red jasper is an opaque stone, in which the power of light has not manifested yet. It comes in a variety of colors combinations and patterns. Red jasper symbolizes strength, vitality and the physical nature. Red Jasper was highly respected in Peru, and was believed to protect against witchcraft.

Fire Opal
The golden-orange fire opal has tremendous power to break up all forms of crystallization in the physical, etheric, or astral body. It has a luminous translucence, which symbolizes the fire of sacrifice. It represents our mission of mystical revelation toward illumination. The warm orange color gives the positive qualities of vitality, power, and endurance.

The bloodstone, sometimes called as heliotrope is a green stone with flacks of Jasper . It has a strong healing property of the physical nature. These “drops of blood” contain much iron and is very useful for the iron deficient people.

The topaz is an inspiring and stimulating influence on the higher mind and soul. Its golden light reminds us of the halo around the saint’s head. Topaz electrifying nature magnetizes our whole being, which means that we are charged with a greater capability of awareness, keenness and creativity. The electrical charges energize and stimulate the nervous system and voltage throughout the body. It has a strong influence on the solar plexus of the body. The topaz is an excellent aid in case of nervous trauma, exhaustion or mental breakdown.



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