Gemstones for Health Benefits

Gemstones for Health Benefits

Gemstones are used since ancient time by the people for enhancing their beauty or as jewelry item enhance their aura. Gemstones are also known to propel the planetary effects. There are certain gemstones that are associated with certain planets but gemstones do also have healing or health benefits. In ancient Egypt and other cultures of the world, people believed that gemstones possess a wide array of health benefits. In modern era too, gemstones are used for ornamental purposes. However, some people have believe that gemstones are made of minerals and they help in healing various tissues and organs of the body. In some belief system of the world, gemstones are placed on certain parts of the body, called “chakras” for healing.

Rose Quartz

This is a popular pink-hued stone and it helps in healing the heartaches. It is closely associated with the love and rose quartz is soothing gem with gentle energy. It helps to calm the wearer. To get maximum benefits of rose quartz, wear it around your neck as a pendant. A gift of rose quartz is also a wonderful message to someone who is going through some anxiety in life, breakup or divorce cases. Rose quartz helps to promote love and self-love in a person. It also heals the emotional wound.

Red Garnet

Red garnet is gorgeous deep red color and is said to energize the wearer, it also helps to relieve one from the health issues. Red garnet is known to boost vitality of a body, revitalize the whole system of the body and also promote emotional well-being by boosting the self-confidence.


This has gorgeous purple color and amethyst is known to bring strength and courage in the life of the wearer. It is also known as soothing stone possessing peaceful properties, with a quiet energy that helps to release creativity. Amethyst has a tranquil quality which helps to get rid of sleeping disorders and insomnia. Amethyst is also helpful in removing mood disorders, anxiety and addiction.


Pearl is also known as Moti. It comes in various shaded and sizes. Some pearls are white in color and some are pink in color. It helps to maintain a balance of the entire body and also helps in the treatment of digestive systems. Pearl stone is also famous in treating fertility problems, heart problems and insomnia problems. Today, pearl powder is used as makeup to get glowing complexion.


This is white in color and is said that it helps the wearer to achieve balance, particularly in females. It is used by travelers as a protective talisman. Moonstone jewelry can help to remove problems such as depression, insomnia, anxiety and promotes creativity.


This is yellow or brown in color. Amber is useful for treating headaches and promotes self-expression. It is also useful for cleansing and purification and removes stress from the body. Amber also alleviates pain and helps in healing.


Citrine is a yellow colored gemstone and helps in increasing emotional well-being. It is believed that it helps in hearing difficulties and cures digestive ailments too. Citrine removes inflammation and helps to cure sleep problems.


This is a beautiful blue colored gemstone and one of the most beautiful gemstones. There are certain beliefs regarding this gemstone. Aquamarine is said to help in improvement of the digestive system of the body and teeth problems too. This is a very famous gemstone which helps in protection. Some have believed that aquamarine promotes healing and reduces fear of water. It also helps to bring lover back. Some use aquamarine as crystals.

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