Golden Quartz

Golden Quartz

Golden Quartz Gemstone
Golden Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the earth. It is found worldwide. Golden Quartz stores, releases, and regulates energy. The clear Quartz comes in many forms – from tumbled rocks to big clusters and generators.

Golden Quartz like other Quartz crystal is a powerful amplifier. It is present worldwide, but found especially in Madagascar and Brazil. Golden Quartz is formed due to the concentration of Rutiltated quartz on the stones that contains golden inclusions. This leads to the formation of Golden Quartz.

Golden Quartz is primarily known as a powerful success stone. It is a highly protective stone and releases negative energy. It is a powerful mood elevator. It removes mental tension. Golden Quartz helps to increase your self confidence. It helps one to achieve the highest level of spiritualism. This stone facilitates spiritual communication over long distance. It works at all levels of the body aura. It removes anxiety, fear, phobias and stress.

Golden Quartz can be used in Fengshui science. It can hold and transmit the light. If placed in the room, it helps to bring more harmony in the family. Smooth Golden Quartz brings freshness and light to your altar. This crystal works at the vibration level attached to the specific energy requirement. It takes the energy to the most perfect state. This Quartz helps you to focus on your goal. A small piece of this stone can assist you in meditation. By keeping this stone in your pocket or under your pillow can help you to achieve peace of mind.

Golden Quartz in Gems Therapy | Cure of Disease | Medical Astrology
Golden Quartz is traditionally considered as powerful immune healer. It balances the entire body. This can be highly effective in the treatment of psychic disorders. It cures the muscular system and protects the body against radiation. It purifies the blood stream and heals upper body parts.

Since ancient time, it is considered as a very powerful healer and a meditating stone. It is a very good stone for the meditation.

Another very important medical usage of Golden Quartz is to cure thyroid deficiencies. It strengthens nervous system and heals nervous disorders. It is extremely useful as a healer for the plants and the animals. It is an excellent stone to use aftershock or after trauma.

Combining it with other stones
The powerful energy of this stone can combine with any of the high energy crystal. You can combine it with Golden stones, like Citrine, Brazilianite, and Chalcopyrite.

It is always advisable to get a recommendation from a Medical Astrologer before wearing this stone as different Quartz has different specific functions. If you are looking for a Medical astrologer, you may contact Mr. Prashant Kapoor for health concerns and gem recommendation.

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