Gomedh Gemstone for Rahu

Gomedh Gemstone for Rahu

Gomedh Gemstone for Rahu
In Astrology, Gomedh has worn for shadowy planet Rahu. Gomedh or Hessonite is light orange to reddish brown color. Rahu is a shadowy planet and if placed in an unsuitable house in a horoscope, then it causes hardship and obstruction in the life path of a person. Wearing Rahu gemstone, Hessonite or Gomedh can help to combat the ill effects of Rahu.
In Vedic astrology, planet Rahu gives different results if placed in a mooltrikona house in a horoscope or in a debilitated house. Wearing Gomedh or Hessonite after proper astrological consultation is useful for removing the malefic effect of Rahu. Let us look in brief various benefits of Gomedh gemstone wearing after proper puja and mantra recitation.
Natural Hessonite / Gomedh gemstone is found in various locations around the world, but Ceylonese Hessonite Gemstone from Sri Lanka is of top quality.

Rarest Benefits of Gomedh / Hessonite gemstone
• A Jyotish gemstone “Gomedh” is filled with the positive energies of the malefic planet Rahu. This planet gives lasting impact on the people during its major period and the transitional phase.
• Gomedh is beneficial for the people who are having sarpa Dosha in the birth chart. An expert astrologer also recommends it if one is suffering from Kaalsarpa Dosha.
• The Gomedh stone benefits for the people who are in politics, event managers, public relations, and leadership. It also blesses a person with power and authority.
• Gomedh / Hessonite gemstone removes confusion and provides mental clarity.
• Gomedh gemstone helps to remove and clear various complexes of the mind and improves self-confidence in interview and examination.
• Gomedh gemstone is extremely effective for the people who suffer from an evil eye such as black magic and works as a highly protective jacket.
• Gomedh gemstone blesses victory over the defeat and improves the nervous complication during any competition.
• Gomedh is beneficial for the treatment of strange and complicated diseases such as cancer, skin diseases, psoriasis, mental problems and dual personality.
• Gomedh gemstone is useful for gastric problems and sluggish metabolism.
• People who have benefit placement of Rahu in the birth chart can get good and positive results in the life after wearing this stone.
• Planetary gem therapists use this cinnamon colored Gomedh gemstone for treatment through Jyotish gemstone.
• A person going through major and sub-period of Rahu should wear Natural Ceylonese Gomedh gemstone but after proper astrological consultation.
• If Rahu is in your 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house, the wearing Goemdh can bring luck and destiny in your favor.
• If your Rahu is posited in a house of litigation, then wearing Gomedh can resolve the disputes and can settle the issues.
Always try to buy a natural Gomedh / hessonite gemstone because a bad and a low-quality stone can bring ill luck and no effects. Before buying any gemstone always demand a certificate of authentication from a reputed gem lab such as IGI or GIA.



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Harbinder Kundi 04/12/2019 at 8:00 AM

I have Rahu in the 8th house. Can I wear gomed.


H.Gamalath 14/08/2019 at 7:36 AM

I am interested to know about my present planetary situation and wish to wear a required gem stone ring for the protection of the troubles facing in my present carrier. So wish to get an advise from you .


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