Green Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Green Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Facts About Green Sapphire
Green sapphire brings the wisdom of integrity. The soft green color of this sapphire brings wisdom and clarity in the life of the wearer. It stimulates the Heart Chakra and arouse feelings of compassion and helps to provoke tolerance, enables the wearer to view the lighter perspective of heart and soul. These are soothing to view and enhance the tranquility and spiritual thoughts of the wearer. Green Sapphire belongs to the mineral Corundum, an aluminum oxide and takes shapes from transparent to opaque form. They have derived green hue due to the presence of small amount of iron in their composition.

Some uses and purposes of green sapphire stone
1. It restore balance within the mind and body and aid in the release of mental tensions and anxieties.

2. It helps to remove unwanted thoughts, they help the mind to be focused and determined.

3. It reduces eyestrain and helps to remove eyesights and other eye disease.

4. Green sapphire brings clarity of thoughts and inculcates inner peace and joy to the wearer.

5. It regulates the glands of the body and calms down the overactive body. It helps to treat blood related disorders and controls excessive bleeding.

6. Green Sapphire helps to work on building the veins of the body and provides strength and elasticity.

7. It aids in emotional healing of the body, it opens up the heart to feelings of compassion and also assists a person in understanding the feeling of other.

8. This stone helps to generate new thoughts and helps him/her to improve the thinking ability for the same.

9. Green sapphire helps to deal with the inferiority complex, aids a non confident person in socializing and interacting with the outside world.

10. This green gemstone helps a person to pursue childhood dream and ambition that may be impossible due to chakra blockage.

11. This stone helps in balancing the heart chakra of the body and helps to resolves hindrances and distractions.

12. The Green color of this stone brings peace and tranquility in the life of the wearer. It can be useful for the children who are studying as it increases the concentration.

13. Green Sapphire helps to hold and complete unfinished work and secret projects on time. It also increases the concentration power.

14. Green Sapphire denotes Goddess of Spring, who represents new growth and development on Mother Earth.

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